Nothing Makes You Happy Anymore? Here’s Ultimate To-Do List

Are you doing the right thing when nothing makes you happy anymore? Are you taking the necessary steps to overcome this phase? 90% of people are too ignorant to do anything mindful about it.

Is it your unstable life or your unstable mind that’s ceasing your right to be happy?

Sometimes, life throws at us instances where everything seems to come to a standstill. In times like these, it almost feels like our hearts and minds are filled with unknown agony or hatred that stop us from leading regular lives.

Though not a disorder or depression, situations like these strike often. And in this digital age, it occurs more often than we can imagine. Testing times are common to everyone and all of us suffer from a myriad of things.

Just like happiness comes without limits, sorrow can arrive without notice as well. No matter if the agony is due to rifts in relationships, separation from the ones close to us, problems in career or at workplace, events that you never had control of or financial shortcomings, all of us are traversing through a path and we all can connect with the agony at one point or the other.

Such times are commonly known as instances of emptiness or void, where routine tends to become tedious and even the things we loved doing end up being annoying.

However, our life has to go on and not on a depressing note. Instead of looking for solutions externally, the wise mind tries to take corrective measures from within and this post is all about helping that mind get some assistance in taking you back to the happier times.

Your To-Do list when nothing makes you happy anymore

This post is not about negativity or reasons why you are suffering but an antidote of sorts that will put an end to all your crises and help you evolve from within. So it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, here are the most important things to do when nothing makes you happy anymore.

1. Put an End to the Paranoia


When nothing makes you happy, your mind automatically tends to think of all the negatives. It brings in unnecessary thoughts that would seem futile when you are sensible and projects in a way that is too huge for your mind to bear, adding to the misery.

During such an instance, it is you who has to take charge of the mind and put an end to paranoia. You have to work on psychological levels to stop thinking negative and ruining your day. If it’s a career-related problem, stop thinking about a colleague getting promoted, though you deserved it.

If it is a breakup, stop living in the past and if it’s a financial concern, think of ways to overcome it rather than coming up fictional consequences.

We are our greatest foes and the moment you realize this, you can achieve greater heights. You don’t have to think of positive things but stay neutral. Do not react or respond and keep fighting the paranoia. You will eventually win in a short while.

2. Do not rush to Decisions


Life can take unfathomable turns when you take any crucial decision when you are void from within. Vexed from within, the human mind can go to any extent of taking absurd decisions that may ruin your life for the worse. You have to stay as calm as possible and accept your helplessness.

Acknowledge that you have to undergo this suffering and you will soon come out of it no matter what.

If winter is here, can spring be far behind? This is one statement you should remember and push your time to better days. Do not send that resignation letter or call up your boss, do not dial his/her phone number again and make things worse and do not attempt anything clumsy.

Everyone has a struggling phase in life and it passes. Have you ever questioned yourself when you are happy? Then why think too much when upset? Force courage from within.

3. Read like an Egg-head


Instances like these are ideal for personal development. One of the best ways to overcome your situation is by channelizing your negative energy into something positive. If you have been thinking of reading a book for a very long time, pick it up and start reading.

You wouldn’t believe but in the book, you will find a character you can relate to, who is undergoing fairly similar situations like you. Look through, you will find hints on what you should do and this my friend, is called an epiphany.

4. Travel like a nomad


This might sound dramatic or filmy but trust me, there is no better medicine to depression or emptiness than traveling. It could be as short as visiting a nearby coffee shop or as far as trekking to the Himalayas, whichever fits your bill! Travelling opens your mind to the infinite and belittles you.

Everyone needs to be belittled once in a while to realize the respective stands in life and society. When you talk to people, you will understand that there are crises worse than yours. And that your life is significantly blessed than most others. When you return, you will either be a new person or at the least, grateful for the life you have been gifted with.

5. Sleep like a baby


There is nothing like this one! As much as it sounds crazy, it is equally effective. When bombarded with too much negative thoughts, the best thing is to go for hibernation. It’s like a smartphone. When too many applications are opened at the same time, it tends to crash or slow down.

What you do is switch it off, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on. If a machine that you’ve been using for six months requires rest, imagine the plight of the human mind that has been functioning for decades.

6. Express


If you want to quickly feel better, express your agony in ways you are comfortable with. If you can play any instruments, compose a piece. Or, If you write, pen down your thoughts or if you paint, express your emotions. And make use of art to make it to the other side of the tunnel.

You don’t have to necessarily show your work to the world but make sure you express it to loosen up from within. If nothing helps, write your thoughts down on a piece of paper and tear it to pieces or burn it. Feel the difference!

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In a nutshell:

So, these are some of the most preliminary things you should do when nothing makes you happy anymore. Remember that all of us go through tough times and there is no comparison on how tough the journey for each of us is. No matter if it is cancer or migraine, the pain is deadly. Accept it and start fighting back. Happiness begins with you and only you. Understand this, evolve, emanate positivity and spread peace!

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