How to be the best you can be -Actionable Tips To Be Unstoppable

Don’t you think we, as humans, sometimes tend to be hypocrites? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of instances where there are stark differences in what we say or preach and what we practice. Consider the concept of best for example. In your life, you, on a daily basis, yearn for the best things in life and struggling to be the best you can be, don’t you?

We want the best education from the best school or institutions, the best college degree, the best job at the best MNC, the best wedding, the best baby shower and after that, we set the wheel spinning all over again. But deep within, are we all living up to our own expectations? When you look at your son and ask him to be good, have you ever looked back and thought if you have been one?


It’s okay. Everyone is flawed and expecting perfect character traits is foolishness but do you know what’s worse? Not realizing this hypocrisy. In this hasty world, we don’t even have time to think about our next meal and today’s norms and lifestyle have limited our thinking capacities to the next trending app we need to install to stay on the edge. In a world that expects people to be successful, how can you be happy?

How can you follow the line of a million others and yet make a difference? By sharing your dreams with at least 80% of the global population, how can you be the best you can be?

Well, there are answers to these and it all begins with introspection.

If you are wondering how to be the best you can be, read on


1. Understand What You Want

be the best you ca nbe

To be the best you can be, you first need to realize what you are good at. You need to first know what you want from your life rather than accepting whatever comes into your way. You need to stand up for your interests and fight against the entire world if needed. In this pursuit you need to become a better person inside out  to achieve what your heart desires.

People will ask you to take up that course like a dozen others, follow the same line, answer in one or two sentences, choose the best answer or fill in the blanks but to be the best, you always have to follow what your heart says. Otherwise, your life will be a product on a conveyor belt going back and forth doing the same thing for the rest of your life.

If your heart is into music and you are good at it, you can become the best in that field and not on trigonometry. Only when you know your personal requirement that you will find a purpose in life. Struggle is what follows next. There is no use struggling without reaping anything out of it. So if it’s worth the struggle it is not worth the compromise. Come to terms with yourself and go for the next step.

2. Lay Out a Road Map and Choose Your Direction

be the best you can be

You can have the best of ingredients in your kitchen and the most organic of produce in your refrigerator but if you don’t know what you’re going to cook, every single item you have is simply futile. Once you’ve understood what you want and where you intend to go, you need to come up with a direction now and let your destiny takes it’s course.

The direction could be the one the legends in your respective field took, the ones that are simple and again the ones that your heart feels right. Remember that every direction takes its own time to take you where you need to go and it is during this time that people will force you with their timelines.

During this phase, you will see your friends and family settle down, buy a car or house, get married or even have kids. Don’t let that discourage you or divert you. Ask them and you will realize only few people on earth want monotony or routine and the rest of the people are forced to join the bandwagon. If you have to join a course to progress in your interest, join and learn new skills. Read as much as possible about your area of interest and stay updated! Do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

3. Practice and Keep Working on Your Passion

be the best you can be

Bruce Lee, the best martial artist we have ever witness once said that he doesn’t fear a man who knows a thousand moves but a man who has practiced one move a thousand times. To be the best you can be, you need to keep working on your passion and keep getting better at it by learning to improve your mind control. Never be self-satisfactory about your work and do not underestimate yourself either. Balance both and always keep space for learning new things. Even a kid that you meet at a supermarket can teach you something you lack.

It’s only when you kill your ego that a wise man in you comes out and it is only through the wise guy that you will see new light. Things don’t stop once you have decided on the direction. In fact, it only starts from there, as you set out on a journey against the world and sometimes against yourself. Never let your intentions and mouth be promising. Make sure your actions are.

4. Be With the Right People

be the best you can be

There is a stark difference between being with good people and being with the right people. While being around good people will help you have peace of mind, you will have little scope to learn and evolve. When you are with the right people, you know where you stand and what you lack and your mind automatically sets out to bridge the gap.

Again, if you are into music, be with other aspiring musicians and connect with people from the industry. Apart from networking, you need to understand the diverse ways or directions to reach your destination and sometimes, somebody you hardly expected can offer you a lift for a distance.

5. Come out of the 24-hour Cycle

be the best you can be

No man or woman has ever achieved great heights by working for a set period of time. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and even the most successful ones you will ever read about are out of the 24-hour cycle. This means they won’t say no to work simply because it is post 8 at night. When you are working on your passion, coming out of the cycle is one of primary ways to make a progress.

You can see entrepreneurs working hard at night, balancing day jobs and maintaining families just to reach their goals and ambitions. The 24-hour cycle is a myth and is one of the greatest tools to impose monotony. Come out of it!

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So these were some of the basic things you need to accept and follow to be the best you can be. If you came in here expecting another soft on the shoulder article that will convince you to become better, you’re wrong. In life, you need a friend who speaks opinions in your face only for your betterment and I am that friend. We all are running towards somewhere so when we at least know where we are heading for, the running seems worth it. Good luck!

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