5 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout – Get Into The Beast Mode

Oh, if only the gym or working out in general was as infinitely appealing to everyone as it is to professional fitness models whose pictures attract a vast social media following on a daily basis. Wouldn’t life be just a little bit easier; wouldn’t pursuing a killer physique and a healthier body seem like a more realistic goal? Alas, the gym is not meant for everyone to love.

Some have the innate desire to crush a heavy set of squats for a plump derriere, others love running on the treadmill in order to cut fat and sculpt a lean physique; and then there are those who struggle to find the motivation to make their own fitness dreams a reality. Here to help you beat the slump and attain the body of your dreams are five smart ways to motivate yourself to workout immediately.

5 Smart ways to motivate yourself to workout

1. Find your true north

Wouldn’t you believe it, this journey, like any other in life, begins with you taking the first step. There is no greater motivation in life than the person staring back at you in the mirror, no matter if the reflecting image portrays something you love, or something you would love to change. The key is to stay positive and focus on the things you can do to make your life better.

So not only do you want to feel empowered to work out, but you need to find your true north as well. Meaning that you need to decide what your passion is, and follow it with unwavering resolve. Don’t simply do cardio because everyone else is doing it, and don’t lift weights because the beefy trainer at the gym told you to do so. Instead, find the fitness routine that speaks to your heart, and just do you.

2. Follow a realistic program

With that said, you cannot hope for your journey to be successful without a realistic set of goals in place. One of the most motivational tools you can use to your advantage is to obtain the roadmap that will lead you to the finish line, and in your case, that roadmap is a structured workout plan.

Firstly, you will have to set goals. Are you looking to beef up, lose fat, or build strength? Perhaps all three? No matter the objective, the program needs to be specific to your body type, weight, and current physical capabilities. Make sure the program emphasizes slow and steady progression for long-lasting results, and is able to safeguard and improve your health in the process. Once you start following a sound workout plan, you will fell more inspired to train than ever before.

3. Create the ideal setting

A typical gym rat would tell you that it doesn’t matter if you work out at the Ritz, or the parking lot, but the truth can be quite different. The look, feel, and functionality of your training environment can make or break your fitness journey. It can motivate you to safely push your limits, or it can inspire you to skip yet another session.

The best thing you can do at first is to work out at home. This will allow you to fall in love with fitness in a familiar, safe environment, far away from the sweat, the smells, and the grunting of the iron jungle. What’s more, you want to optimize your home workouts for maximum efficiency, and health. The lighting needs to be good, the floors shouldn’t be slippery, and the air quality must be second to none.

Make sure you create healthy airflow in the room by installing an air purifier. You can easily find the air purifier reviews online, which will help you pick the perfect model to keep you feeling fresh, motivated, and energized throughout the workout. Moreover, you want to pay attention to the design of the setting, decorating it in such a way that it inspires you to get a workout in even at the end of a stressful day.

4. Fuel your mind and body

Speaking of stress and energy, there is nothing that prompts a body to get up and about like a healthy pre-workout snack rich with proteins, healthy carbs, and just a smidgeon of fat. Remember, fitness is not just working out, it’s also eating healthy and supplying your body with the right nutrients to give you energy, mental clarity, and the willpower to push through the toughest of challenges.

However, adding one healthy snack won’t cut it – you need a structured diet plan in order to start seeing real results. Be sure to tailor your nutrition according to your goals, eating above or below your maintenance calories to gain or lose weight. Be consistent, never waver, and the rewards will be great.

5. Remember the feeling

Finally, sometimes you simply need that extra push to make you get up, and head to the gym. And again, that extra push can only come from you. When everything seems grey, and working out is the last thing you want to do, just remember why you started. And more importantly, remember that intoxicating, self-satisfied feeling of a post-workout buzz you get every time you leave the gym.


Finding the motivation to work out and stick to your fitness routine can sometimes be a difficult task. However, with these actionable tips in mind, you will have no problem finding your true north, and motivating your mind, body, and soul to achieve greatness

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