7 Productivity Hacks for Working on the Move

Does your work or lifestyle involve a lot of traveling? Are you planning to become a digital nomad so you can work and travel? If yes, then you need to plan ways for getting your work done without getting too distracted or disoriented by all that travel and new experiences.

7 Productivity Hacks for Working on the Move

Here are seven hacks to help you stay consistent and on the ball with your work even when you are traveling all around the globe.

Get a Powerful Laptop

For a lifestyle where you’re constantly on the move, not any laptop will do. Let’s get real: traveling and working from place to place means you need a powerful laptop. The laptop needs to be durable enough to handle some less-than-gentle treatment when you’re moving from place to place.

It also needs to be portable and lightweight. But most of all, it needs to be a high-performing computer so you don’t waste any more time than you have to in getting it going and working swiftly on it. It also needs to be reliable so you don’t have to run around in a new place, trying to look for help in fixing it. 

Laptops such as the Lenovo Intel 11th Gen laptops are perfect for such situations when you need a powerful laptop with long battery life and a super-fast processor. You can also assemble key peripherals such as a wireless mouse or a wireless printer. These devices can help you work faster and more efficiently even when you’re far away from home. 

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Keep a Routine Going

Wherever you are, ensure you keep a basic routine going. This will give you a much-needed consistency when everything else around you is different. Remember, it is much easier to maintain your output if you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel where your work is concerned.

So, if you do your best work in the mornings, set that up as a routine. Maybe even consider waking up an hour earlier to make the most of your morning. 

Also, if there is a task you particularly hate but absolutely need to do, then do that task first. Everything else will be easier to finish if you don’t have the task you hate hanging over your head.

Manage Your Time Well

If you work in a different time zone than your colleagues, you could also consider using the hours when you’re the only one online to finish the most critical or concentration-needing tasks first. This can save you from a lot of stress when you’re constantly being interrupted when you need to focus. 

You can also manage your time better by making a list of tasks you need to do daily or weekly. Knowing everything you need to do will keep you going and help you not become complacent. 

Set an Exercise Routine and Stick with It 

It can be hard to motivate yourself when you’re away from your friends and family. Regular exercise can keep lethargy and lack of motivation at bay. Exercise helps not only with health and fitness, but also with focus, energy, and a good mood.

Make sure you get plenty of exercise by fixing a schedule and sticking to it. You can make it a social event by joining a trekking group, gym, or exercise class. Exercise has a direct impact on your motivation levels, thus also impacting your productivity levels.

Make Time for Friends and Leisure

Socialising isn’t always easy when you’re away. But taking regular breaks from work and stepping out can help you make friends.

Also, keep in touch with older friends and family via social media or the phone. That’ll help you feel less alone and homesick. It will also keep your mind fresh and engaged.

You might wonder how this could possibly impact your productivity. But mental health can have a direct impact on how productive you remain. By keeping yourself happily occupied during non-work hours, you improve your efficiency during actual work hours.

Mingle with the Other Digital Nomads

Staying in touch with people that share your lifestyle can make you feel understood and less lonely. Make sure you mingle with fellow digital nomads, online or offline.

Consider it an investment in your mental health and thus ultimately, your work as well as life.

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Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is a great restorer of the brain and the body. When you’re running on low sleep, it can have a direct impact on your motivation and functioning. This can thus also impact your productivity. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to have the energy to keep going and maintain your productivity.

These are some of the important hacks for maintaining your productivity even when you’re in less-than-familiar places or circumstances.

The key is to stay focused, engaged, and occupied with not just work, but also with leisure and socializing. These activities will keep your spirits up and help you make the most of your experiences while boosting your productivity. 

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