Top 5 Best Productivity Apps

Productivity apps and tools will bring the same compounding results. Other tools—the writing, designing and programming apps that you rely upon for the core work—may always take the creativity, hard work, and mental effort. In the meantime, productivity apps are extras that you use that will help you to type much faster, save your notes for simple access, and plan your projects. Best productivity apps work everywhere—over any desktop, phone, or laptop you use—for leveling up your performance doesn’t matter where you are working.

Productivity Apps

The primary features of the productivity apps may focus mainly on communications and project management, so no matter where a person is, they will stay in touch with their team and offer the updates or information that everybody requires. This is done per project or department basis, so managers will ensure that the right people are at the right place for getting their job done. Data management is everything that matters the most when it comes to Productivity apps. Companies like Profisee are really doing a great job in the data management industry. Recently, Profisee even topped the Gartner MDM magic quadrant. So that’s how Profisee should their productivity in getting to that stage. Let us find out the top 5 productivity apps from the list below.

1. Trello

To get started is as simple as dragging the cards on the Trello board. Cards will represent the single tasks, with deadlines and priorities attached. However, they also will be highly substantial checklists, and with the attached pictures and files, having hyperlinks to point else.

There is a complete library of the Power-Ups and custom cards that allow you to integrate many third-party services in your workflow: Evernote, Box, GitHub, GIPHY,, Hangouts, OneDrive, Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, SmartDraw, ZenDesk, Twitter, and more.

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Trello has huge collaboration tools that will help you to manage the projects, and a stack of creative features to make sure it is user-friendly. One example: Cloud Aging tool visibly ages cards in case they are not accessed for some time, fading it out, or turning them yellow or cracking.

2. Toggl

Toggl is the simple time tracker that has powerful reporting, which keeps a proper track on how much time you are spending on the tasks. The main idea is helping you to create a profitable business, and knowing you are charging for the time that you spent on the projects –and not spending any more time than you quoted for.

For the teams, it is one best tool to compare the amount of time that people spend on various tasks and to know what individuals are good at and who will get you do things under high pressure.

3. HelloSign

Want to sign a paper or document—or plenty of them? No need to print it out, just pull out your pen and scan your signed documents. Rather, HelloSign will help you to sign each page that requires your signature in some clicks. You just have to draw your signature at HelloSign’s mobile application, or just type your name & let HelloSign generate the signature if you prefer, and click every signature field for adding it.

It is simple to make template documents over HelloSign, so you do not waste any time in the Word making new agreements or contracts each time you want somebody to sign.

4. Foxit

PDF files are equivalent to paper, and the most common way of sharing the legal documents, briefs, forms, formatted eBooks and design drafts. You may open PDFs on the majority of devices, Chrome includes the PDF viewer for internet files. Suppose you want extra features, then Foxit’s core apps allow you to work with the PDFs from any particular device.

You also can view and edit the PDF files in the Foxit Online’s editor, and convert your existing files to the PDF format, and sign the PDF forms without even downloading Acrobat. Suppose you want to fix something to your existing PDF, you may edit it on the internet or over Foxit’s desktop and apps, with various PDF-powered applications for various business needs. They are the handy way of doing so much with the PDF files.

5. Pixlr

Photoshop’s king in photo editing on PCs and Macs, but it is overkill. Want to crop and brighten any photo? Like to remove even a small dot, add annotations or blur out text and tell your story with an image? Pixlr will be your call. It is the suite of picture editing apps for mobile and web. Pixlr Express is very simple to use.

This comes with the core adjustment power-up tools to resize, crop, rotate, heal, blur, sharpen, and fix images—with the Instagram-style effects, stickers, borders, and text just to make the fun graphics from photos. For the professional editing, Pixlr Pro and Pixlr Editor include editing history, layers, smart healing tools, Photoshop-style tools, or other advanced editing outputs.

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Final Words

There are many other tools that will help you improve efficiency and productivity, just by making complex tasks easier and simpler to do. This can be anything from social media monitoring to managing backups and more.

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