Stop rushing and start living | A powerful lesson that can change the way you live.


It only takes a moment
To stop and take a breath
To take in all the sights, and sounds
To enjoy all life has to give

Don’t take time for granted
Because it quickly slips away
Years cannot be promised
So enjoy every single day

Time and life are precious
And we only get one chance
To live life to its fullest
To live in happiness

Live your best life
Starting with today
Make sure it’s a happy one
Every step of the way

Author:- anonymous


My ecstasy knew no bounds  as me and my friends hit the road for a long awaited trip we planned last summer. The GPS was signaling a smooth 7 hours drive with little traffic.

But, it’s life, and nothing  goes as planned always. We got stuck in a long queue due to a major landslide in some area.

So, as per ritual, I pulled out my GPS again to search for the alternate route, and luckily it didn’t disappoint us this time too.

However, that route was not as smooth as we expected it to be as GPS took us from the extremely narrow streets and bumpy roads. But, we survived it and began the journey to reach our destination as fast as we could, so that we don’t miss anything.

One of my friends suggested to stop by a famous Dhaba and feed our taste buds. Since we were already running late, I suggested not to stop and go on.

Finally, we reached our destination after lots of hustling and to our surprise, it was not even close to what we imagined it to be. There were no soul satisfying scenic beauties as we thought we would encounter.

It was a normal town full of people with usual city traffics and a complete shock to our expectations.

However, with paralyzed expectation, we checked in into the hotel. As we were waiting for our room keys, I noticed few people who just couldn’t stop praising the place. They were talking about the breath-taking mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.

One could easily sense their euphorian spirit by just looking at them.

And, I thought, “how could they experience and explore the places which we didn’t see around? Were they talking of the same place?”

So, I couldn’t resist and approached them.

“Where were all the beautiful places you were talking about, why didn’t we encounter any such places here?” I asked them curiously.

And, I got a reply that changed my perception of life in just one moment.


One of them said,” Come on! Didn’t you notice all these places on your way? Our whole journey was so amazing. Whether it was food or even pleasure of driving on curvy roads, we didn’t miss anything . We were in no rush so we enjoyed every mile of our journey. This town has nothing unique about it. It’s the journey which was worth traveling.

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”


And, bang!! It shook up all my understandings about everything I know. Suddenly, a  realization hit me that I missed so many beautiful things on the way because of my utter rush to reach the destination.


That day I learnt a valuable lesson that is true for almost every corner of life.

We are overly drenched with our thoughts that we refuse to notice all the beautiful things around. In the urge of reaching from A to Z, we all are neglecting the Bs, Cs and Ds of life.

We are extremely occupied in feeding our mind with the gravity of achieving goals. The only thing we all have been taught since the beginning is that if we want to reach somewhere, we have to be alert and focused on our goals.

We are too blindfolded to  look around even for a second, as we are afraid that within a blink of an eye, things can go out of the sight. Instead of getting answers, we are piling up more how’s, why’s and when’s in our life.

We have been knocking out ourselves to keep the eyes straight onto our destination. But, is it really worth it? Is this the kind of life we always dreamt of?

And, if by any chance we are left with little peaceful space in our mind, our doubts and fears slip in to fill that void also.

Everyone is now relying on GPS for directions. Many times it puts us on new roads and unexplored routes,but we never doubt it because we know it will take us to our destination.

And undoubtedly,it works too.Why?

Because we get extremely convinced that it can’t direct us to the wrong places. We trust the brain and engineering behind it’s designing. We put our faith in it completely, that no matter where we are right now, we will certainly arrive at the place where we want to be.

Then, why we forget that universe is also doing the same with us. Since the day we were born, he is guiding all of us in a certain way. No matter how tough the roads seems now, we will end up at the right place at the right time.

Yes! It can be a bumpy ride at times, but we need to stick to our faith that no matter what happens,  it will lead us to the place we are destined to be.

When we can trust the humans who designed GPS then why can’t we trust the one who created the same humans.

However, that doesn’t mean we should wait impatiently for the destination all the time. We are allowed, and we are required to drift around to make this journey worthwhile.

Enjoy the life, no matter how hard it seems right now, just surrender yourself to the supreme power and have faith in him. And, that’s when the magic happens.

We breathe in so much of pressure and fear to meet our goals that we miss the beauty of life. Trust me, the moments you are missing right now, won’t come back ever.

There is no surety that your destination will greet you with happiness and much-needed relief. It’s a false perception you created about life.

You believe; the day you will reach your destination you will be utmost happy and satisfied. And also, you believe you are sad and depressed today because your present doesn’t appear that fascinating.

Did you notice what’s common? In both the cases, your thoughts are manipulating the situations. The moment you will understand this, life will unwind itself for you. You need to stop stealing salt from your life.

The moment you make peace with your present, you will free yourself from all the burden you carry in the nerves of your brain. One day, for sure you will be at the place you deserve to be. There’s no doubt about it.


How? When? Where?….. leave all this to the biggest GPS. He will guide you in his own way and will take care of everything. So, instead of making your life more miserable and stressful, give a break to yourself today.


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. ” GREG ANDERSON.

Enjoy what you have now, enjoy the journey. This sun won’t shine this bright for you every day.

Let me tell you a secret, there’s no such thing as a destination, there is no final stop to this journey. You create personal goals, you achieve them, then you set your mind on bigger goals, and you continue to live in the same continuous loop.

What really matters is the satisfaction you feel while counting your last breath. “YES, I didn’t miss anything about this life. This journey was definitely worth it.”

That’s why nobody ever says, “What a death he/she had.” It’s always ” What a life he/she had.”

It was never about the destination, and it can never be.

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