Strive towards these real relationship goals not just for hashtags

I love you social media. Honestly, I have nothing against you. I have my utmost respect for all your hashtags. I really do! It’s my “Dig into the deep” personality which has brought me here to clarify a few concepts about relationship goals. Like, before I even type #rel, your search suggestions pop-up with #relationshipgoals or the related tags as top options. How do you know I am only searching for that? What if I am looking for #relativevelocity or say #religiousgoals?


Come on! That can also be a possibility. Although right now that’s not my main concern, so let’s come to the topic.


With all due respect, I will clarify it again, I have nothing against you social media, it’s just for curiosity’s sake. You have 48,81627 posts just on Instagram for #relationshipgoals tag giving #majorrelationshipgoals to millions of people. That number is big, isn’t it?


So, that means almost 50 Lac goals are scattered over on just one platform, reaching out to people guiding them to realise the true potential of their relationship. That’s commendable! But why do I not find even a total of 100 posts describing practical and real relationship goals?


And even if I agree with the credibility of those goals, why are so many relationships facing problems each and every day? Why are people struggling so hard to give life to their relationships?


I know you don’t have the answer to all my genuine curiosities, but don’t your users deserve some practical and real relationship goals rather than fatuous advice?

You there? Hello, social media?


They say you are the voice of millions, and this is the time you shouldn’t stay quiet. Stand up for yourself!


It seems like even social media can’t answer to my concerns. Great! Mr Social Media is adhering to #silencegoals. So people, let me ask you the same thing. After all, you are the ones responsible for those thousands of posts. You created all those #relationshipgoals. So, you owe me all the answers I’m looking for.


So, tell me what relationship goals are we talking about here?


A picture of a good-looking couple cuddling in bed sharing some private moment with some intense quote typed on it?

Or a picture of a girl, dressed in a beautiful designer gown, elated to have a beautiful diamond ring from her partner, affixed with a tag #relationshipgoals?

Or a guy lost in his Play-station with his friends while his wife happily serves some beer and fries to all of them? #relationshipgoals

Are you aiming for these ‘real’ relationship goals?
Do you actually believe that these relationship goals will be your saviour during ups and downs in your relationship?

If you read these just to kill your idle time, it’s completely cool. But if you have seriously started considering these as your real relationship goals, then you are in some real shit, my friend.

Having practical and long-term relationship goals is important to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.These relationship goals won’t take your relationship anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that exchanging gifts or having a fun time and doing random cute little things time and again for each other is useless, but they can’t help you push down your roots to reach real relationship goals. I really don’t want to be the one affecting Archies sale this year or to be the reason for a big drop in diamonds sale. No offense meant billion dollar gift market! We are’ cool, right?

There is a huge difference between relationship moments and relationship goals. And we need to understand it.

No offense meant, but if you are one of those people who love to share wallpapers of couples doing cute things but you don’t even remember when was the last time you actually talked to your partner, like real talk.

If you are the one who goes “Awwww” seeing a picture of a guy going on his knee and gifting his girlfriend a huge teddy with a #relationshipgoals tag, but you don’t even remember the last time you treated your partner with respect.

Then my friend without any single doubt, it’s time you should stop driving in the wrong lane.


Really want to know what are the real relationship goals for a healthy relationship?


1) Strive to be the best of friends before you compete for being the #perfectcouple.

Every relation needs a level of friendship to nurture. It’s the foundation of a godly relationship.Work on being the best of friends instead of jumping straight to “I love you” session and #soulmate hashtags within a few days into a relationship.

2) Have each other’s back even in the not so good times.

Everybody loves smooth sailing. Imagine a scenario where things are running smooth, the relationship is going with ease, and things are working as you expect them to work out. But we are talking about life here and it’s impossible to expect this consistency from life. So, always support each other in “not so good time”. There’s nothing better than telling your partner with your love that “You are not alone” when they need you the most.

3) Unconditional love in every condition.

If it’s limited to having a “let me watch the football game” deal in exchange for bringing some groceries from the market, it’s completely fine. But, if it starts getting to the point of putting conditions on love then think no more and start working on your relationship. True love is all about no conditions. No matter good or bad, real love never fades.

4) Have a consistent faith in your partner.

Trust serves as the main ingredient of every relationship. Learn to trust your partner. Go with your instinct. Trust your own eyes and ears. Even a single little doubt can spoil your relation. Strive for better trust goals.

5) Share and support each other’s dreams.

If one day I come home and tell my wife that I want to be an astronaut now. Trust me! She won’t laugh at me. She will make me believe that “Yes! I can” and will start to Google “How to make your husband an astronaut after he comes back home drunk.” the very next moment.

Always have time and patience to share and to listen to each other’s dreams. Always show faith in their capabilities without underestimating them. Studies have shown the more you share your thoughts and wishes with your partner, the stronger your bond will be.


6) Treat your partner with respect.

Every relationship needs people and people need respect. You can’t ask for respect. You earn it, and it goes both ways. You give it and you earn it. Want to be treated well? Start treating your partner the same way. As you sow, so shall you reap!


7) Mature understanding to resolve every big or small fight.

If anyone says that they are the best couple because they never fight, then they are not even a couple. And if they still mean it, then they are wasting their time in a wrong relationship.

Come on! Who doesn’t fight? It’s completely fine! What matters is your deep understanding to resolve every fight. If you have it, then no fight can break your relationship. Smooth roads are no fun; a little bumpy ride is cool at times.


8) Communicate and share every little big thing.

Are you afraid to share everything with your partner, your secrets or anything because you are scared of being judged? If that’s so, then this relationship goal should top the list in your goals book. Work on your comfort level and stop judging your partner by what they say. Give your partner a comfort zone wherein sharing things becomes easier.


9)Handle each other’s faults and weaknesses maturely.

Nobody is perfect. Better realize it soon. Don’t crib about your partner’s weaknesses and flaws. Learn to accept them the way they are. Don’t make them feel they are not good enough.
Are you perfect?

I hope you got your answer.


10) Respect each other’s personal space.

Nobody wants a 24×7 sticky gum relationship like they show in some #relationshipgoals. We are human and it’s completely okay for everyone to travel back and forth to their “me time.” That doesn’t mean that you frequently go to and fro and your partner get bored of you or want to break-up. Do respect each other’s “Me- time”. So, next time when your partner goes into their ‘me time’, take it casually without being judgmental about it.

11) Always have an emotional and mental safety throughout life.

This should be your primary goal in your relationship. Nobody wants an insecure relationship where you are in a constant state of fear and doubt. Always make your partner feel that they are in the safest hands. Make them feel secure by making them realize that they are the best thing that has ever happened to you.


Please feel free to give in your insights n’ opinions, if, you think I missed any.

What are your Relationship goals?

After all, as I said you all owe me an answer.



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