Want to Make a Living While Expressing Your Creativity? Consider These Artistic Occupations

Everyone has at least a spark of creativity within them. For some people, this is an important part of their personality and how they find fulfillment in their lives. If this sounds like you, you might have felt as if your current career or employment prospects fail to meet your needs.

Making a living as a creative can be tough, but the hard work it takes to forge your own path is usually greatly rewarded.

Artistic Occupations

Here are a few possible jobs you could consider as a creative person looking to find meaningful work that uses your talents.


It is an arduous process trying to become a published writer through traditional routes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money writing. Copywriters, content writers, and other kinds of specialist writers use their skills within fields such as law, marketing, advertising, and entertainment.

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Web Designer

For people with coding ability, web design can be a great way to earn money and enjoy the creative process. Every industry uses the internet, and almost every business has a website. Web designers use their technical skills as well as their eye for design, composition, and imagery to make websites suitable for their clients and attractive to the desired audience.

They also ensure that these websites stay functional and easy to use.

Makeup Artist

There are so many different industries where makeup artists play a significant part in the success of a project. Film, television, marketing, events, and special effects all rely on skilled makeup artists to create looks with a medium that requires patience and dexterity to work with. Some people offer makeovers to the general public at a salon, while others focus on weddings or movie sets.

It depends on where your specific skills lie and what industries you find yourself interested in.

Tattoo Artist

While becoming a tattoo artist is far from straightforward, it can prove to be a relatively stable and exciting career. Professionals in this field are not only exceptional artists but can also navigate a moving, unwieldy canvas as they work. A tattoo artist must also provide sufficient tattoo aftercare to clients who receive tattoos from their studio, meaning that much of the job is communication and customer service.

You can start the process of becoming a tattoo artist by learning more about the industry and creating a portfolio of tattoo designs. Networking and constant learning are hugely important for anyone hoping to become a tattoo artist.

Graphic Designer

Everything from printed adverts and packaging to logos and brand design can be tackled by a graphic designer. Some graphic designers choose to concentrate on a particular area, such as designing merchandise or digital images. This job requires a level of confidence with computers in order to produce graphics to a high industry standard.


Photography is an art form that anyone can pick up, but few can master. If you have an eye for composition and lighting as well as a willingness to learn all the technical features of all the equipment, then this could be the perfect job for you. Photographers can be involved in many different projects, such as capturing images to use for marketing or advertising.

Wedding and other event photography is another great way to start making money in the business.


The necessary skills for being a professional illustrator include the ability to draw and convey a story through images. There are so many types of illustration that once you perfect these two skills, you can express yourself in almost any way. Successful illustrators have been known to use ink, pencil, paint, collage, and digital art to create their works.

You can make a living from illustrating editorial pieces, children’s books, book covers and selling artwork originals. As with many of these other creative jobs, building a portfolio that shows off your best work is crucial for grabbing people’s attention.

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There are far more obvious constraints for those who choose a career in architecture compared to many other creative careers. This is largely due to the practical engineering side of constructing buildings based on the architect’s designs. However, despite the heavy use of mathematics and engineering knowledge, architects still get to exercise creativity in their approach to the work.

This is often through the methods they use to solve problems and creatively respond to briefs set by other people.

In the past, trying to make a living in a creative field was seen as a risk. Now that so many industries are in a state of flux, what with artificial intelligence and economic unpredictability, a career that allows for creativity is no longer so ridiculous.

Hopefully you have been inspired by some of the above occupations and feel like you can take the first steps to earn a living in a way that fulfills you.

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