5 Advantages of Having a Dual-Motor Electric Scooter

You can try as you may, but avoiding the temptation to take a ride on an electric scooter is nearly impossible. Especially once you get wind of how much fun it is and want to see what doors open up as your experience develops. Like any hobby, motor scooter riding can be fun, often at high speeds. After a while of riding the single motor scooters, though (or maybe even sooner), some riders start to crave more speed and are ready to graduate from the single motors.

The next natural progression available is a dual motor electric scooter. Single motor scooters have a single-engine, which powers up the device and allows riders to move forward at lower speeds.

5 Advantages of Having a Dual Motor Electric Scooter

In contrast, a dual-motor scooter has two engines that provide you with extra speed and flair! Browse dual-motor electric scooters now!

1.  Fast and furious

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck when choosing an electric scooter, one should consider investing in a dual-motor scooter. These types of products are superior and beneficial in a variety of ways.

One of their primary advantages is that the dual-motor provides the power necessary to catch that rush of speed and excitement that comes with zipping around in the open and speeding down urban roads. Some of them reach the dizzy speed of 75 mph!

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2.  Acceleration

A dual motor electric scooter gives you the thrill of a fast, urban ride with the perfect blend of restrain and raw power. You can accelerate or decelerate with ease.

A dual motor scooter is ideal for a casual commuter while still packing enough power in the engine for a smooth ride on bumpy roads without any grunt. The dual-motor scooter responds well to throttle and spins up easily, even on inclines up to 20 degrees.

3.  Monstrous torque

Two-motor scooters have taken off in popularity. Their dual motors boast 1000 watts of power and 25 Nm torque, making them a serious contender for terrain that requires speedy transport.

This is the ideal solution for hilly or mountainous roads, which often makes driving a regular van to its destination more inconvenient.

4.  The pinnacle of stability

A dual motor scooter has an improved design with power distributed evenly through the deck, chassis, and wheel assembly. In turn, this design and configuration provide more traction when braking.

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5.  2 is better than 1

Well, with a dual-motor scooter system, you don’t just have the benefit of having an extra motor just in case something should happen to the one you’re using; more than that, they work with the other rather than operating separately so if one fails while you are riding, the other will always remain operational even if it loses charge itself so that you never need to call someone else out to pick you up again.

This is why we recommend dual-motor scooters overall!

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