6 wise tricks to help you improve your mind control

The mind is like a double-edged sword. If used rightfully, then it can bring a positive change in a person’s life and if left wild, then it can bring destruction to the life. You have to tame your mind like you control hands and legs.

If there is no command over mind, then you suffer from speculation and negative thinking cycle. This leads to sadness, anger, frustration, and absence of inner peace.

Also, the untamed mind makes us think a lot about the future or the past, thus we never enjoy the present moment. There are always conflicts of thoughts in our mind which deprives the contentment and happiness of life. Thus, I would like to share six simple tips that can bring inner tranquillity and serenity to your life.

Six tricks to improve the mind control

1. Living in the present moment

If you can live in the present moment and connect with your soul, then you can control your mind upto a larger extent. If you can connect with your inner soul or being for some time, then you will feel peace and happiness in such a way that you will consider every other pleasure sub-class.

Yoga has the power to help you live in the present moment and control your mind. During this process simply feel the present moment, your breathing, and your surroundings. These simple tricks can bring stillness in your mind for sometime. Try it in a quiet and open space and without any doubt, you will see some positive results.

2. Watch your thoughts

This trick takes time as you have to develop it into a habit. In the near future, when you are in a situation where you may get angry or sad, then just remain silent and go through your thoughts.

See how they are affecting you, but, don’t get carried away with them. If you can analyse your thoughts during such situations, then you will understand that your mind is the source of most negative feelings of anger, jealousy, and frustration.

So, work on the awareness of your mind by keeping a watch on your thoughts. As Eckhart Tolle has rightly said, “When you will smile at your thoughts of your mind, then you will attain true inner peace

3. Create a mind gap

When there is no generation of thoughts and stillness in your mind, then we call it ‘Mind Gap’. Let’s go through a small exercise: close your eyes and ask yourself a question, “what will be my next thought?” You will notice that a new thought will come after a long time. This happens because you detach from your mind. The momentary gap makes the world around you more vibrant and alive.

4. Remove all resistance

You have to control your mind and not let it control you. Many times, when we try to stop a thought, we might have experienced that the more we try to impede it the more it grows.

To avoid it, you have to follow one simple step, just close your eyes and let all the bad thinking and feeling flow with no resistance. Just let them flow and accept them and try to find the reason behind these thoughts.

After some time, calmness and inner peace will replace these thoughts.

5. Control mind with your belief

When people criticize you, it’s not their words that hurt you. It’s the doubt in your mind that bothers you and makes you feel sad or angry.  If a person goes to Bill Gates and in a very disrespectful manner tells him that he is a destitute and bankrupt. What do you think  Bill Gates will do?


He will simply laugh at that man because Bill Gates knows very well about his financial status. Similarly, you must believe in your abilities, have confidence in yourself, and no doubt in your abilities. When you have self-belief, then you overcome suspicion in your mind and you become a improved version of yourself.

So next time when someone criticizes you then don’t get into an argument and just smile at that person.

6. Inculcate positive thought process


You can control your mind in an easier way, if you input positive data. If you have an optimistic mind, then it can achieve whatever you want in your life. But, building a positive mindset takes time and perseverance. You can follow these steps to bring a good change in your thinking.

  1. Read positive articles: When you read something good and positive for a long time; then it conditions your unconscious to generate positive thoughts.
  2. Spend time with positive minded people: We are an average of five people with whom we pass our time. Thus, analyze the mindset of people around you and evaluate whether they talk positive or complain. This is really important as these peoples make your mind seek negative events and situation. Thus, it becomes more difficult to control the thoughts.


If you follow these tricks, then beyond doubt you will experience a positive transformation and better control and understanding of your mind. The mind is your greatest asset and you have to use its power to your benefit.

As the Lord Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we believe. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves

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