5 efficacious bedtime routine tips to squeeze the most out of your mornings

How many times have you been advised to have an efficacious morning routine; followed by the examples of successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and writers, to get your blood flowing?

Everybody snooze us to wake up at 5.30, to have a healthy breakfast and to never miss the morning workout. And, if at the end, a little void remains, It’s filled with; “Early bird gets the worm.”

I may sound terribly blunt, but we have been served with half cooked knowledge since ages.

Half-cooked! How?

Because of the fact; It’s not complete information.

An Early morning routine works best when accompanied by a healthy and productive bedtime routine. We overlook the other side of the coin altogether as we are overstuffed with “Rising before the sun” mantra.

Miracles happen when both the routine works together in perfect consonance.

Effective bedtime routine tips to squeeze the most out of your mornings:-

 1. Read a book:-

As per National Sleep Foundation, having a relaxed bedtime ritual improves the quality of your sleep, which will eventually result in more productivity. And, nothing can relax your mind better than a book.

Studying books not only reduces your stress but will also open the channels of knowledge and wisdom for you.

But that doesn’t mean to grab your Kindle ( instead opt for physical books) and start feeding your brain with some murder mysteries or crime fiction. What you read holds importance as well.

The quality of our sleep mainly depends on the thoughts we had before going to sleep. If we are feeding our brain with negative thoughts before getting into the bed, chances are we will wake up with those thoughts only.

That’s also the reason we are advised to stay away from phones and televisions at least one hour before we head to bed. They subconsciously fill our brain with negativity and affects the quality of sleep.

If serious about getting a quality n’ relaxed sleep, then have a habit of reading an actual book(not an e-reader) before you doze off.

2. Get adequate sleep.

Sleep health journal published an article stating that, “a healthy individual of age between 18-64 requires 7-9 hours of sleep for his body and mind to work well.”

Taking that amount of sleep has several benefits:-
  1. It improves your immune system. Means “Fewer diseases and infections.”
  2. It increases your productivity and creativity and also helps in sharpening your memory. Means: “Improved focus and happiness in what you do.”
  3. Longer and healthy life. Means: More fun n’ more places to explore.

So pay some attention to get that amount of sleep, instead of focusing solely on “5 am” club. Let’s get this clear. You won’t get anything out of your morning routine unless you have a sound sleep of at least 7 hours.

The rule of thumb: – Try to wake up before sunrise. Focus on at least 7 hours sleep.

And see your energy, creativity, and productivity touching the roof.

3. A Shower before you doze off.

We talked about durations of a healthy sleep. How about making it more sound and relaxed too?

Take a shower (neither burning hot nor ice-cold) at least one hour before you hit the sack and see the miraculous effect on the quality of your sleep.

Not only it will help you relax the tired muscles after an exhausted and tiring day, but will also help you to lower down your anxiety and stress level. So, showering in night can help in improved sleep and chances are you will wake up with a big smile in the morning.

Leave no stone unturned to get a sound sleep.

Hitting shower has more benefits like:-
  1. It helps in lowering down blood pressure levels.
  2. It cleanses your skin and opens the blocked pores. It also flushes out bacteria, toxins from the body, resulting in a healthy skin.

4. Go light on your stomach.

Are you thinking of grabbing a pizza or fries at night?

Hold on your taste bud mate; night is not the right time to let it roam freely.

Many studies and researches have suggested to have light dinners and to keep a gap of minimum two hours between a meal and your sleep time to keep our digestion system healthy.

We don’t need a huge amount of energy before sleeping. We don’t burn that amount of calories while sleeping. Stuffing your stomach with unhealthy food or overeating before sleeping not only slow down your metabolism levels but will also interfere with your sleep patterns, leaving you lethargic and low on energy.

Try to have light dinner for a week and see the difference by yourself.

Go slow on Caffeine too, it can interfere with your sleep pattern. Keep a gap of at least 5 to 6 hours between your sleeping time and your last coffee for the day.

5. Spend some quality time with loved ones.

This is the one quality shared by most of the successful people; They know how to maintain a work-life balance.

Scenario 1: – You come home stressed and exhausted because of a bad day you had in office and go straight to the bed and sleep with that mood and thoughts.

Scenario 2: – Same situation, but instead of heading straight to the bed, you spend time with your family and share everything about your day and then head to your bed with an empty and calm mind.

Which scenario will result in a more productive and positive morning?

That answers all.

Instead of hopping around your virtual family and filling your mind with garbage before you sleep, think of spending some quality time with family.

Don’t take futile thoughts to your bed. Not only you will wake up with the same thoughts next morning, but it will continue to bother you for long. Share your thoughts and daily routine. Empty your heart and brain with the ones you love before dwelling yourself in the arms of sound sleep.

Bonus tip :-

You can supercharge your sleep by meditating before bed. Moreover, it can boost your morning too if you practice this for 10-15 minutes before hitting the bed.

You can’t conquer the world if you can’t conquer yourself.

Last but not the least, go swiftly. Don’t make all changes in one go; you will end up being confused. Start with one change, give it some time and then move over to next.

So what’s your favourite part of your bedtime routine? Feel free to share your valuable tips in the comments below.

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