Experiencing Turbulence in Your Love Life? Here’s How to Save the Ship!

Yes, love isn’t always unicorns and rainbows; but it is all about care and honesty. Most importantly, there is no GOODBYE!

Remember those days when you felt that special connection with your partner? And now that you are stuck in a monotonous routine and loop of recurring fights and problems, you might find yourself drifting apart from your partner. 

Things get pretty serious in real life, unlike those goofy and romantic movies/novels in which everything gets back to normal after one or two conflicts. According to a relationship counselor, the foundation of a healthy relationship is based on effort. If both the partners are willing to stick together with each other and want to maintain their thriving relationship, there is no such thing as BREAK-UP.

Every relationship turbulence can be saved by some tried-and-true methods. And yes, it goes beyond being a good listener, carving out time for each other and dividing up those pesky household chores.

Experiencing Turbulence in Your Love Life Here How to Save the Ship

Here we have enlisted some surprising ways to strengthen your relationship and live happily ever after. Let’s roll right in!

Use “I” phrases rather than “you” ones.

Conflicts are a part of every relationship. And productive ones actually help strengthen your bond with each other but caught in the loop of having the same fights over the partners might end up resenting and even hating each other.

It is easier to blame someone else when it comes to a relationship. It takes the burden off your shoulders, and the other person is left with nothing but a feeling of guilt. And that leads to toxic and repeated arguments. 

Therefore, you need to learn the art of diffusing unresolved disagreements and conflicts reasonably and respectably. For instance, instead of using words like “I told you so, or you do this to me every time,” you can use words like “I hear you, and I understand what you are saying but look at it from my point of view.” Keep your distance from words like “always,” “never,” and avoid bringing up past mistakes. 

Once you swap the “you” phrases with the “I” ones, you’ll notice that your partner will stop feeling defensive, criticized, or blamed for the situations that might be or not be his/her fault. And that’s where you’ll start having productive conversations. 

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Share your vulnerabilities

Everyone has their own insecurities and vulnerabilities. And when it comes to relationships, knowing about each other’s blind spots strengthens the emotional intimacy amongst the partners. 

There is a certain point in every relationship where partners start facing communication gaps and experience a lack of emotional connection with each other.

In that case, letting your guard down and talking about your strengths and weaknesses can efficiently bring you both emotionally close to each other. Unveiling your struggles, achievements, and fears to your partner is something that can help you unfold a whole new chapter in your love life. 

“Fuel up” your intimate moments

Remember the time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Well, that “honeymoon period” might be over, but the connection between you and your partner shouldn’t be lost. Physical intimacy is just as important as emotional one. Talk about each other’s fantasies and find out if there is something that your partner wants to try in bed. 

According to relationship therapists, many partners admitted that they began drifting apart from their male partners. Reason being that they couldn’t be pleased or satisfied during their intimate moments. And that can be a huge problem in any relationship. Fortunately, male partners can use some desensitization wipes that can help them lit fireworks in bed.

You can read more about these wipes here, https://www.promescent.com/blogs/learn/benzocaine-wipes-premature-ejaculation and create some magical moments with your partner. You can also try some other techniques such as “role-playing” and “romantic setups” to keep you and your partner excited during your “love-making” session. 

Schedule romantic date nights 

You might have heard people talking about the fading of “spark” in their relationship even after spending a long time with each other, due to which they end up feeling more like roommates than soulmates.

This could be because sometimes the connection that binds you with each other might start breaking due to your endless fights and conflicts. And that can be frustrating. In fact, few couples admit that they don’t feel attracted to each other for unknown reasons.  

According to the therapists, a couple must not stop going on dates. Scheduling date nights can give you both a chance to look good for each other. You might feel more comfortable in your jammies, but looking smoking-hot for your partner on your date night can get you both back on track. 

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Final Words, 

By now, you might have understood that constant conflicts, emotional and physical distancing can be a few of the significant reasons that can leave your partner stranded in the middle of the lonely road.

Every partner deserves and craves attention, safety, and security in a relationship from each other. But thanks to the romantic tips mentioned above, you can now bridge the gap and meet each other in the center, and everything will go back to fireworks in no time.

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