How to Save A Failing Marriage or Relationship

All relationships have their ups and downs with the occasional bad day or dry spell. If you feel as if things have really gone cold as of late though, what do you do? It can seem pretty difficult to turn a failing relationship around at times, especially if it seems things have been at odds for a while.

If you can honestly ask yourself whether you want to save the relationship and answer with an assertive yes however, perhaps it’s worth exploring your options.

Some crucial tips that can help save a failing relationship:

1 . Open Up And Communicate

The number one reason relationships fall apart is due to poor communication. You need to confront the issues that have popped up before they only do more damage. As day to day life continues on, its many stresses and complications can serve to drive couples apart if they aren’t able to keep a stable line of communication concerning their feelings and emotions.

You need to make the time to hear one another out and really listen without getting frustrated with one another. Give each other a chance to speak and consider what the other person is saying. If you can begin discussing your issues openly, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of turning the relationship around.

2. Be Spontaneous

If you’ve fallen into a routine where you seem to do the same old things or only see your partner in passing, it’s only natural for the relationship to start feeling stale. Intimacy will naturally suffer and resentment may ultimately settle in. If this describes where things are with you, you need to make an effort to create some new experiences together.

Be spontaneous and go out on a whim; check out new restaurants and areas of town you’ve never really explored. A little bit of surprise can really go a long way! Just making the effort to keep the relationship on its feet a bit will make it exciting and fresh all over again.

3. Abandon Your Defense Mechanisms

Another common reason relationships might fall apart is when one or even both partners fail to deal with their emotions. Many people default to putting up walls to protect themselves, but it does more harm than anything. These sort of defense mechanisms can really stop a relationship dead in its tracks.

As often stated, relationships are ideally a two-way compromise, and shutting your partner out is a drastically contrary and detrimental practice. When you try so hard to ignore issues and push them deep beneath the surface, it’s all going to mount up until things finally fall apart. There’s no use in running from feelings and problems; it’s always healthiest to address them head on.

4. Try To Maintain The Intimacy

When physical intimacy has fallen off within a relationship, the ideal status quo is obviously not possible. You can reestablish and even maintain a sense of mutual affection however. This goes for physical and emotional intimacy alike. A lack of either can be incredibly frustrating, especially since it might make one or even both partners feel undesired by the other.

Much like the tips above, the trick here is to let down the barriers and discuss your feelings on the matter. Communication, emotional honesty, and spontaneity will all naturally help rebuild the intimacy within the relationship. Before long, your passion for one another will be rekindled, and the relationship will be even stronger than before.

5. Take Some Time Off

In some cases, you may need to merely back off and give one another space. If you try too hard to chip away and save the relationship, you could easily make all of the wrong moves and push your partner even further away. If you’ve been spending a lot of time with each other for an extended period, giving yourselves the opportunity to miss one another for once might be the best thing in the world.

You don’t have to break up, but merely focus on your own projects and spend a little bit more time apart. You can start spending time with friends or even going to see family without your partner present. Some couples even have success with briefly seeing other people.

With time away, you’ll be able to test how strong your bond really is. You’ll ultimately find yourselves coming back together if the emotional connection is still there beneath the surface.

6. Never Lose Sight Of Your Time Together

It probably sounds silly, but you should also merely try keeping focused on all of the positive aspects of the relationship. Looking back to all of the great times you’ve shared with your partner is one of the best ways to facilitate this. Going backward a bit can sometimes help you to move forward!

You can even do this as a couple by literally retracing your steps through the past. Revisit the restaurant where you had your first dinner date together and do some of the things you always enjoyed doing as a couple when you were first falling in love. Even looking over old pictures together can serve as a strong reminder of just how great the relationship can be.

By following these tips, you can easily avoid the end of the relationship and bring things back to where they once were. This is especially important when it comes to marriages. Just think about the turmoil that married couples go through when they split. If you love your partner and you know the potential is there to turn things around, try everything you can and hopefully things will mend. 

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