The Ins And Outs Of Hook Up Apps

If you have not heard of dating apps or social media platforms where ‘getting together’ without all the strings attached is a thing, then now is the time to get well-versed in all there is to know about the new age hookups.

Times have certainly changed from when I was younger where the guys still made an effort with flowers or asking to go out face to face, as practices change and minds are more open to possibilities, we see less serenading and more notifications. 

The Ins And Outs Of Hook Up Apps

Thus to ‘keep up with the Jones’s as the old saying goes we need to know who, what, when, where, and most importantly how, and this is what we are going to take a look at today.

What is it?

The same as if we want to go to the supermarket for groceries or clothing there are shops and stores around with a variety of choices and ingredients, so similarly when we are ‘shopping’ for a mate for the evening or a regular occurrence there is an ‘online store’ to purchase from- known as an ‘app’ or application. 

These dating apps where you can contact other like-minded individuals’ take the stress and effort out of needing to woo or schmooze someone for 3 or more visits before you get what you were both wanting from day one anyways. It’s clear, concise, and a win-win situation at the end of the day. 

More socially accepted than decades ago, or at least more vocal, this way nature can run its course. Opposite or same-sex genders meeting, frequenting, and leaving with a smile on their face, read more about it in this link and discover a new side of life you may enjoy.

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The why

People often get asked why they opt for this method, and you’d be surprised at some of the answers. Let’s take a look at the most commonly mentioned reasons.

  • Convenience. Life is busy enough as it is there seems to be less time to do the ‘dating’ scene, but we are still human and our urges need to be tended to. A quick chat in the inbox and a few hours (or less) you could be heading off to meet someone to essentially ‘release’ your built-up tension. It’s easy and those judgy eyes we all know and have felt from the older generation are less frequent. 
  • Confidence. There are more introverts or socially anxious people in the world than we realize, if it weren’t for the apps they may never have the opportunity to meet others. Constantly staying home alone, the club or pub scene a trigger for a panic attack, you can now enjoy your safe space and make them come to you.
  • Commitment. There is none. This is the joy many customers say is what is appealing for them and what attracted them to begin using it, with no strings attached there is a mutual understanding of what’s going on, no one feels guilty for leaving and you can carry on your day as usual. What’s not to love? 

The right fit

Finding an app is the trickiest part of the process, the rest of it is all downhill and the most fun, so how you know which is best? It can seem daunting at first if you are new to the dating scene, and even more so via online and platforms, check out to get you started and to see what options are available out there. 

Once you have had a browse you can make a decision and begin your new adventure, and we all know that if you don’t at least try you will never know. Life is too short to be living on what-ifs or should’ve.

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Of course, with any form of meeting and getting together with someone, there is going to be some hesitation, but if you are careful and do things right you won’t have anything to worry about.

A great tip is to always try to tell a friend where you’ll be, this way if anything did happen they would have a way of getting to you. You can never be too careful, take a moment to read these dating safety tips and once you’re well-versed in them you’ll feel more comfortable and confident.

The world has evolved and so has ‘the game,’ we either get on board or get left behind, but being on board certainly seems more fun, doesn’t it?

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