What is SIP Trunking? And Why Should You Use Them?

Are you a business owner searching for innovative ways to save money and restructure your expenses? Perhaps you have heard about SIP trunking, or maybe a friend of yours saves money by implementing it in his company, but you would like to learn more about how it works before contacting providers. Here’s an article to guide you.

What is SIP Trunking And Why Should You Use Them

Business owners are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs, and it could be well worth their time to find out if SIP trunks will help them save money on their communication costs. SIP trunking is known to support establishments, from small companies or businesses to large corporations in cutting costs. Trying it out will be an ideal way to cut down organizational costs. 

SIP Trunking: What Is It?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the method for making a voice-over IP (VoIP) call. It is an application protocol for establishing real-time audio and/or video sessions between different endpoints or phones. It is a method of using the internet to operate phone networks rather than a conventional phone line.

Individuals and businesses can use this application to make and receive phone calls from a variety of clients or cell phones. With this, they will share the same designated online communications channel (the trunk) and which also link, manage, and disconnect calls by employing the exact protocol (SIP).

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SIP Trunks: Why Do You Need Them?

SIP Trunks Why Do You Need Them

The following are some reasons why organizations need this application

High Capacity 

Since this application offers the versatility that certain business owners seek by allowing them to transmit video, data, and voice over a similar internet connection, larger bandwidth is needed, resulting in increased transmission capacity.

Improved Customer Services

Increase the amount of regional and international phone numbers available to provide better customer service. Connect numbers to the application promptly and effortlessly to give your customers more choices for dialing in at a lower rate, including long distance. Customers will be able to reach you quickly and profits will rise.

If you are looking for other ways to improve customer service, you can check here.

Communication Service Costs Will Be Reduced.

According to recent estimates, companies that use the application save up to a third on their business contact costs, which is very impressive. It also assists with reducing the expense of long-distance phone calls made by utilizing a less expensive route.

Lower call charges 

Since there are so many SIP Trunk providers, call charges have dropped dramatically. Some applications also have unrestricted calling and this allows you to save money on international calls.


The process of adding connections to the application for increased calls is straightforward. Channels can be added with only a phone call, and it’s usually done right away. When a company wishes to use SIP trunks, it should assume a great deal of versatility. This means they can use the same network connection to send video, data, and voice.

Network Connections are grouped in this Program.

If you own a business and you want to connect data centers, it is possible to save as high as 90% on expenses by using SIP trunks instead of other types of trunks.

VoIP Gateways can be Eliminated 

With this application, there will be no need to purchase and maintain VoIP Gateways. Phone calls are routed through IP. The quality is often higher as well when there is no extra conversion, 

You Can Always Maintain The Same Phone Number.

Because this application is not tied to a specific location, it is easy to relocate offices without changing stationaries or notifying customers. There’s no need to spend on forwarding a phone call to the new location any longer.

Advantages of SIP Trunking over the Traditional Telephone System

The following are some benefits of using this application:


Scalability is one of the primary advantages of SIP Trunking over a traditional telephone system. Traditional business telephone systems have capability limitations that can help businesses that are looking to rapidly scale their telecommunications services. Because SIP trunks are entirely software-based, they have the benefit of easy scalability. As a result, enlarging the channels or changing to an infinite metered capacity is made possible.


This application makes it easier for businesses to broaden their voice transmissions across the globe than traditional telephone systems. Providers can create a relationship with regional providers in other countries and send calls using the internet to those countries so the calls are charged as regional or local calls.


Because providers do not need to sustain large infrastructures, the cost of operation is lower than the cost of traditional telecommunications hence the company saves money and this also reflects on the prices of their goods and services.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Businesses can achieve an almost instant return on their investments by utilizing the potential savings from the application over a regular business telephone system, as outlined above.


It is more reliable when compared to traditional telephone systems if the service provider runs their network with computerized routing.  

SIP trunk providers

Providers of this service are also known as Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs). They provide digital telephone services via the internet. Enterprises can make use of SIP trunking providers to link their present telephone systems to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and make or receive phone calls via the internet.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing SIP Trunking Providers

The following are some factors to consider:


Since the application must be connected to the Internet, it is important that they have a secure network as well as an anti-fraud structure in place.


Can the provider assist with issues? And when are they available?

Competitive Pricing

Prices vary greatly between services. SIP Trunks are overpriced by some vendors. Look for low rates, but make sure you’re getting high-quality service.

Number Porting 

Is it possible for your provider to transfer your existing phone numbers? Choose a provider that will allow you to port all of your existing phone numbers.

Available Support 

Look for providers that will always be available to give network operations centers support, with available engineers on-call around the globe.

These are some tips to help you understand SIP trunking and how it helps organizations save costs. If you need other tips on how to cut down organizational expenses, you can check here: https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/business/trends-and-insights/articles/10-simple-ways-to-cut-business-costs/

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If you are a business owner and want to reduce telecommunication expenses and save money, then you should consider SIP trunking. In this article, we have outlined some reasons why businesses need SIP trunking, as well as the advantages of using the application. You can check them out to learn more.

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