Top 5 Dating Applications for Casual Relationships

The digital age has made it more easy than ever to find local sex at the drop of a dime. Thankfully we no longer have to play the guessing game of who is single and would the be interested. Apps these days make it easier than ever to shoot fish in a barrel and get out there and start hooking up immediately.

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One of the greatest features of dating apps is they tell you who is local and wants to get together. Having someone close by when you want to hookup on-demand or even have a real relationship with is super important. Doing this distance makes no sense when you are trying to find a local booty call.

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As long as you’re doing what it takes to be an ethical hookup buddy there is no reason why these apps cant help you be well on your way to finding the perfect no strings partner.

1. Tinder

Tinder is the holy grail of hookup and dating apps. From its inception is has been at the forefront of places to find someone in the digital age. There was a point when Tinder was pretty much the only dating app and members began flocking to it. In most recent days Tinder has gotten kinda a bad rap.

As more and more dating apps came on the market that is more geared towards love and female empowerment Tinder has kinda been demoted to the hookup app. Not that there is anything wrong with hooking up however ladies sometimes feel Tinder is no longer where the best guys are.

Tinder is a great app for finding local sex for a number of reasons. For one, it has been around the longest so it had a huge well-established pool of users. Two, because it has kinda gotten the reputation as the app you use for hookups if that’s what you want Tinder is perfect.

Tinder is free to use for the basic features but the basic features are pretty robust. You can easily get away with just the free version of Tinder and have plenty of options and abilities within the app. The upgrades on Tinder are pretty cool as well. You can super like people, rewind your swipes and match with people in cities where you aren’t even yet.

2. Lust

Lust is one of the newer dating sites and apps. What separates Lust from some of the other dating sites in that instead of making the intention of finding a life long romance Lust makes hooking up the main focus. Too much pressure gets put on finding a soul mate in many of the dating apps. By having a hookup centric dating app all that pressure gets taken off. Lust makes it clear that it’s users of the app are interested in no strings situations.

Some of the features of Lust that set it apart are that it is a place for simple hookups and not much more. The simplicity makes it so easy to use. Lust is not just for singles but there are options for couples as well.

Lust makes it so easy you don’t even need to write your own messages. With prewritten messages you don’t even need to think up what to say to someone. Lust is a relatively new app and is bringing new features to the market all the time.

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3. Pure

In the gay community sex on demand has been a huge part of the culture for a long time. Unfortunately, in the straight community, this has been been a little bit slower to come around. Pure offers this kind of Grindr experience but for straight people. Quick hookups on the go are what sets Pure apart traditional dating apps. If you’re looking for love or a lifetime commitment you might want to look elsewhere.

Pure is a dating app different from others. As with most dating apps pure is free for women to join. From there, members make super simple profiles with only the most basic of information. Users receive a batch of matches that are geolocated right to their area.

These simple profiles then self destruct after an hour. This type of urgency makes the hookup have to happen quickly and spontaneously. After this has happened you simply can make another profile and go at it again.

4. Hinge

Hinge is a dating app with a new novelty. Like the name suggests Hinge connects people with a common point. In this case that common point being a mutual friend. Makes sense right? The number one way people meet is through mutual friends so making that in a digital sense is fitting.

The ability to get the inside scoop from a mutual friend on someone you’re thinking of dating is awesome. A mutual friend can tell you all the good and bad there is to know about.

Hinge has a free version which only offers you a few matches a day. From these matches, it’s pretty straight forward. When you build your profile you add most of the criteria that you would in a normal dating profile. You then link your social media profiles to link all your mutual friends. For an upgraded paid version you get more swipes and profiles given to you daily.

5. Bumble

Bumble rocked the world when it came to online dating. Many online dating apps and sites are similar but Buble offed one major difference. Bumble puts the power in the hands of the ladies. That’s right, you can only match with a lady if she matches with you. The lady also has to be the first one to send a message. This completely turns dating on its head.

For the majority of time men have had to make the first move. Bumble takes that pressure off. Because of this power shift Bumble kind of got the reputation as the more serious dating app. While people that wanted to just hook up were on apps like Tinder or Lust people that we’re serious were on Bumble.

Bumble is pretty simple to use. You create a profile, link your Facebook, and fill out your basic information. Besides being able to upload photos Bumble also allows you to upload videos. The jury is out on if profiles with videos get more engagement than those that just use photos. Besides being used for romance Bumble has expanded its offering to Bumble Bffs and Bumble Biz.

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Bumble Bff’s uses a lot of the same information you would use to find a date but instead uses it to match you to platonic friends in your area. This is a great resource for someone new to an area. Bumble Biz is an arm of the company that allows people to network in a professional sense. Bumble Biz had not quite taken off yet but it is a new offering.

There is a huge selection of dating apps and sites these days to help you find everything from love to a local hook up. These are our top five apps and for great reason. Using these apps in conjunction with their geolocation services will have you hooking up in no time. Many apps are free so you don’t have much to lose when it comes to trying any or all of them. Be safe whenever meeting up with strangers and get out there and have fun.

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