All You Need To Know About Outdoor Furniture Glides

The outdoor furniture glides are the minutest yet important part of the furniture when it comes to keeping the place tidy. You might see scratches on the floor caused by sliding/moving the furniture from one place to another. This not only fades away the floor’s uniformity but also affects the feet of the furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

Fortunately, the outdoor furniture glides are there to keep the floor free from scratches and enhance the durability of the furniture. You can also drag/move the furniture without making screeching noises. However, it is very important to select the glides in accordance with the shape, structure, and size of the furniture.

If you are in need of perfect outdoor furniture glides then have a look at this article. It will exhibit the use of these glides and also presents the best glides available in the market.

Usage of Outdoor Furniture Glides

Selecting the right outdoor furniture glides will assist you in keeping your outdoor furniture to look on point. They can benefit in the following ways;

  • For the first and most obvious reason, these glides do not damage the floor.
  • You can easily move the chair and it does not slip when someone sits on it.
  • If you tend to lean on the chair by moving it backward and forward, the glides will secure the legs of the furniture without damaging the floor.
  • Moving the chair becomes less noisy enhancing the durability of the furniture.

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Types of Furniture Glides

Depending on the structure and frame material of the furniture, the outdoor furniture glides can be divided into three types.

1. Single-part-glides

These glides commonly use plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), polyoxymethylene (POM) and polycarbonate (PC). They are best when flat and low-key fitting is desired. In addition, these glides are inexpensive and their size can be easily determined in the manner they get affixed with the furniture.

Along with that, to get the single-part-glides accurately fit the chair; the design of the chair must also be kept in mind.

2. Two-Part or Multipart Bonded Glides (with glued, welded or injection-molded slide inserts)

The two-Part or Multipart Bonded Glides with glued, welded or injection-molded slide inserts are more expensive. Nevertheless, they are better matched with the type of flooring. They do not compromise with the strength and stability of the furniture.

3. Two-Part or Multipart Bonded Glides (with Mounted Slide Inserts)

Like the previous type, these glides with mounted inserts are also expensive. They differ in their installation process which includes mounting of slide inserts. Besides that, they are quite similar to the Two-Part or Multipart Bonded Glides with glued, welded or injection-molded slide inserts.

We have accumulated some of the best glides products, so do check these out to select the right outdoor furniture glide.

Tap-on “Safe Glides’’ with Felt Pads for Wooden Furniture Legs

The Felt, Wood, and metal are combined during its manufacturing process, so you do not have to glue them together. This aspect makes the installation procedure quite easy. All you have to do is to hammer the glides into the wooden furniture legs.

Wooden Furniture Leg Glides – Felt, Metal and Nylon Base

These wooden furniture leg glides come with all Felt, metal and nylon base. However, the metal base glides are nickel-plated to provide the maximum of floor protection from the scratches. They should be replaced instantly when the nickel plate wears off.

Furniture Glides

As far as the nylon base glides are concerned, they are best suitable for tile or carpeted floors. On the other hand, felt base glides can slide and protect all kinds of floors.

All of these glides can be attached on angled or straight furniture legs. However, the glides base diameter must be smaller than the leg for maximum protection.

Plastic Square Glides – Fit Inside Hollow Leg

Being best for straight-legged furniture, these plastic glides come in black LPDE. These glides come in the category of insert feet cups which are perfect for furniture which has hollow legs. Additionally, the diameter of the leg must be measured from the inside to get the right plastic square glides. For the furniture with 13/16’’ OD and 11/16’’ ID, use KPSR81.

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Sliding the furniture is quite common in the daily routine; however, if not taken care of the floor, sliding might leave scratches on it. These scratches, especially on the tiled floor become visibly prominent. Resultantly, the scratches give an untidy look to the whole place. Therefore, to avoid such shenanigans, outdoor furniture glides can be of great use.

Some of the best furniture glides are mentioned above so do have a look at them!

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