“The Legend of Mr. Ween” Book Review

The end of October and the beginning of November are celebrated across many different countries. It’s the time when autumn arrives and much-awaited holidays begin.

The Legend of Mr. Ween

Halloween has always been attractive. The Halloween costumes, free candies, decorations, pumpkin patches set the stage for parties. The houses are decorated with demons, spider webs, zombies to give that “ghosty” feel. The night of October 31st is Halloween night. The concept of Halloween has attracted the imagination of both adults as well as children in a similar way. The concept has a magical pull which is clearly reflected in the latest book on Halloween The Legend of Mr. Ween by Daren Ross. Halloween stories are scary but this one combines the elements of folklore and fantasy as well. It has explained the origins of the Halloween traditions in a very interesting way.

About The Author: Daren Ross

The author of the “The Legend of Mr. Ween” is Daren Ross. He is a writer and stays in Nashville, Tenn. The story is based on the imagination of people who want pleasant reminders on creativity.

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The Legend of Mr. Ween Book Review

If you are crazy about Halloween and enjoy the mystical attraction then the Legend of Mr. Ween is a must-read for you. The Halloween spirit has been well narrated in this imaginative tale of a mysterious traveler, Hal, arriving in Boston to seek work. The presence of the main character is initially misunderstood. There are moments of surprise added to the storyline and the book is meant for all age groups. However young children might found it very scary. You can read out it to your children and open up discussions on various topics from the storyline. This will prove to be a learning experience for your kids.

Most of the Halloween stories are horror-based but this story is quite different and interesting. The Halloween traditions like pumpkin carving, etc. have been explained in a very decent way clearly depicting their origins. All the characters and scenes are well described. The magical powers and fights against evil are shown with the feelgood spirit of a sweet Christmas tale. Also, the storyline moves very quickly because it’s a short story.

The Storyline

A great storyline is one that keeps you hooked and the Legend of Mr. Ween is one such book that won’t let you lose your interest in the plot. It is a 14 chapters long story and worth reading. The story is supernatural and the characters have been well described. As you go through the book you’ll feel as if you are right there with Hal and his army fighting with the creatures alongside as the story progresses.

The story is set in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1905 but the superfast pace of Treattown mirrors today’s life. This relates the story plot of 1905 to the year 2019. The time and place of the story have been established from the start which adds to the mood of the reader. At no point in time, you’ll feel bored and the main plus point is that the story has been described very well. You will, in fact, imagine yourself present in the scene.

Hal is a kind-hearted person who arrives in Boston. His first day there doesn’t go quite well as he had expected. People were not so friendly and the town seemed overwhelmed with negativity.  Then he met Dr. Conda who offered him a job starting the next day.

He started working with him and his first day started off well. But eventually, he sensed something somewhere was seriously wrong and finally the day ended with a tremendous tragedy. Quickly he realized that the entire city is in grip of something restricting and tragedy prevailing in the city. He then focuses on throwing light on the darkness and winning over the evil with kindness and positivity.

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Though the story is fast-paced you’ll not feel lost or confused at any point in time. It ends in a clever way.

So I would recommend that if you want to read something with the feel of a Halloween and interesting at the same time go for The Legend of Mr. Ween by Daren Ross. You’ll definitely find this light ‘ghost story’ unique and original.

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