This is KRA Extra – Drama Denim Jacket Review

Denim jackets are on the rise today, and it is common streetwear you can find in various hangout places around you. Why is it becoming so popular? First, young people love it. Second, denim jackets will make you look stylish. And third, it can upgrade your look in an instant and improve your confidence level. 

Extra Drama Denim Jacket

Drama Denim Jacket is KRA’s one of best denim jacket models you can wear when you hang out with your friends. Let’s look deeper into various aspects of this jacket.


  • This jacket gives you a classy look for your appearance.
  • It gives you the best value for the price; affordable pricing for a premium-quality jacket.
  • Bold front buttons make this jacket much more practical to use.
  • Best materials to give you the most comfort when you wear it.
  • You can match it with any T-shirt for a more casual look.


  • It can look too baggy if you pick a bigger size.
  • Not a good choice for those who prefer a front zipper model.

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The Streetwear Jacket that Can Give You a Classy Look

Many streetwear jackets might give you a stylish look when you wear them, but not this jacket. This denim jacket can give you even more than style. It can make you look classy, which is a mix of style and elegance.

Wearing this Black Drama Denim Jacket from KRA can improve your appearance in an instant, making you look cool, stylish, and classy.

Not Just a Normal Denim Jacket

What makes KRA’s Black Drama Denim Jacket different from the other similar denim jacket models out there? First, the color of the jacket itself is something you need to look for. Most denim jackets take blue or navy as its basic color, and with the black color, you can set this jacket to stand out from the crowd. The color is a part that makes your appearance look classy when you wear this jacket.

Also, with the classy and stylish design, you just need to match this jacket with any T-shirt to give your appearance a boost. It uses cotton and spandex materials to give you the most comfort when you wear the jacket, along with the best fit for your body. Also, the jacket has many compartments and pockets you can use to store your valuable items when you hang out with your friends, making this jacket practical streetwear.

On What Occasions Should You Wear This Jacket?

The good thing about KRA’s Black Drama Denim Jacket is that you can wear it on various occasions, such as when you hang out with your friends. So long as the occasions are not too formal, you can wear this jacket to look your best in your appearance. You can wear it when meeting with your friends at your hangout spots, or you can wear it while you are walking around the streets.

This jacket can also protect your body from excessive sun exposure and protect you from cold, so you can wear it during hot or cold weather. This jacket will be an excellent clothing item you can wear during the day or at night. You can fold the jacket’s long sleeve if you prefer this type of style, which can provide you with better air circulation inside your body.

Value for the Price

This jacket model has a fair price in it. It has a price of around Rs. 2700, and for what you will receive, it is worth the money you are spending on this jacket. Yes, this jacket doesn’t belong in the premium price bracket, but all the features, materials, and styles you will get out of this jacket will make you feel you are wearing a premium clothing item from a premium fashion brand. Thanks to KRA for creating such a wonderful denim jacket.

It’s quite difficult to find a high-quality premium jacket for this price point. However, with KRA’s reputation for providing their customers with high-quality clothing products, you can’t go wrong with spending your money on this Drama Denim Jacket. Grab this jacket if you have a budget of Rs. 3000 or less. 

What Sizes Does This Jacket Offer?

The Drama Denim Jacket from KRA offers flexible size options you can pick based on your own body proportion and measurement. The sizes available for this jacket include S, M, L, and XL, so there should always be a size you can get for yourself. It’s best to measure your body proportion with as much accuracy as possible, so you can pick the best jacket size for your body.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that choosing a size that fits best for your body will give you the best look when you wear this jacket later. So, avoid choosing a size that is too big for your body. It will make you look weird and out of shape, and the jacket can also feel much heavier when you wear it.

Is It Recommended?

Yes, we recommend this denim jacket model if you are looking to add classy outerwear to your collection. With the unique design of this denim jacket, KRA’s brand reputation, and the comfortable materials, this jacket might be your best choice of the budget premium model you can wear on various occasions. 

Wear this jacket at casual and non-formal events, such as when you hang out with your friends, and you can give yourself a much better look all the time. Match it with a T-shirt, denim pants or jeans, and sneakers for the best upgrade for your look.

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KRA’s Drama Denim Jacket is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for a classy jacket to wear during your hangout activities. The black color makes this jacket look stand out, and the cotton material makes it very comfortable to wear. 

For the price of less than Rs. 3000, Drama Denim Jacket is your budget jacket of choice that won’t disappoint you in terms of its overall quality and design.

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