5 easy hacks to tackle exams like a pro

Human beings are the most amazing species on this planet, with wide array of thoughts, ideas, likes, dislikes etc. and so much diversity. There is hardly anything common between all the people in the whole world. You may love something whole heartedly, while your friend may hate that exact same thing bitterly.

One country may promote an idea happily while the neighboring country might frown upon it. There are literally so many differences between all of us that if we start to even make a list of it, it would keep going on and on.

However, there is this one very similar thing between all the people regardless of their country, race, backgrounds, gender etc., and that is their hatred for Examinations.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you had been or are a good or a bad student, only the mention of this 12-letter word brings back the tormenting memories of sleepless nights, helpless tears, gobbling up of big fat textbooks, begging for notes, awaiting the doomsday, sudden hatred of one’s own existence, repentance of each second of fun before and the list goes on and on and on. But, trust me it’s not that hard to motivate yourself to study.

If you can totally relate to all these points, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are one among the many, and in fact all of the students who let exams get the better of them. It doesn’t exactly mean that you scored less or failed, but exams made your life pathetic and terrifying for that short span of time.

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There is no fixed way or idea of handling exams because we all tackle them differently.

Some easy ways to tackle exams like a pro:

  1. “A single sheet of paper cannot decide my future” – These lines were said by the famous scientist and great businessman, Thomas Alva Edison, widely famous for his invention of the light bulb. It’s the attitude that makes a huge difference. It is true that examination or results do not actually decide your future, but they give you an opportunity to make your future better. If you study thinking that the subject you are studying, won’t even matter and you just study it for the sake of it, then you are actually doomed. There is nothing more to say. Study and learn something for the knowledge of it and not just for passing a test. And by the way, good grades do make you look good in front of your friend’s parents and your teachers. So, why not?


  1. I have the whole night, I will easily finish this 2000 page syllabus easily Exclude yourself from it if you are a High tech robot with a memory of 128 Giga Bytes and a memorizing speed of 200 pages per hour. However, if you are a normal human being with no superpowers then you simply cannot do it. It’s well said and accepted every time but keeping the whole course for the night and the morning is just one dumb decision that you can make and later, definitely regret! Finish up everything as soon as you get the time, and stop procrastinating, for you know very well, what is going to take place the next morning. You know that very well.


  1. Only nerds study all year round, I don’t need to study…I will copy easilyAgain, this attitude has resulted in a lot of ‘Failed’ and ‘Unfair Means Fine’ and ‘expulsion’ and lots of disasters. What you can do with a few hours or perhaps just a single hour of daily studying is just amazing. It does take a little time to adjust this time into our daily schedule but it’s worth it. Try this for a few months and trust me results will surprise you.


  1. Let’s do group studies, that will be really beneficialExclude yourself, this one more time, if you and your group members are non-emotional, non-hormonal, non-humans with zero distractions and zero gossips to chat upon. But in all the other scenarios, a group study usually ends with you knowing the latest updates about everyone in your class and your gallery filled with lots of pictures with #groupstudies, #westudytogether and what not! It’s good to exchange notes and have a discussion or debates on various topics but when we take up history as a proof, group studies are a no-no.


  1. Tune into the mode of Zero distractionThere are some people who study for innumerable hours at a stretch and give up on all worldly desires. In fact they make everyone scared for their lives because of their obsession for studying. As you are reading this, I’m sure you are thinking about that one person in your class who must have definitely gobbled up every page, every word, every letter of the textbooks at least a million times over. It is true. We all know these. We also know people who just study for a few minutes, maybe just a week before the exams and score more than anyone else. More than even the book-gobblers. The simple science is that it doesn’t matter for how long you study, what matters is how you study. It’s important that you turn off everything that distracts you. Whether it be your cell phone, your novels, your little sibling, your favorite episode on tv, or literally anything. When you are in that zone and fully focused, then only can you slay your way to the top with smart planning.


Simple changes to your attitude and habits can definitely do the trick. You don’t have to be super stressed about examinations and even though the idea of taking the simpler way may cross your mind in difficult times, don’t let it ruin your future.

Exams are just a way to test your knowledge and don’t be disheartened if you score low, you always have the chance to rise.

Definitely refer to old papers and keep a check on the ‘this question is definitely going to come’ questions.

Definitely comment below if you find some methods useful or you have any of your own that you use to stay ahead of the class. I would love some feedback.  Best of luck!

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