Top 5 Social Messaging App in 2020

Welcome back again, In today’s world, social media have become fashionable all people use social messaging apps in their daily life. Everyone has an account on social messaging apps such as Instagram, Facebook and many more. The reason behind using social messaging apps maybe some are using to be in touch with friends and family which is good, or for increasing their business in the market or even to get daily updates with latest trends, Some top and best social messaging app in 2020 are given here!

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It is the most popular app used among peoples. This app is used all over the world and it has more than a billion active accounts. It has a variety of amazing features such as dark mode, splash screen, deleting your message after you sent and many more. It allows us to maintain your privacy with the help of privacy and security option such as hide your status, DP and many more. It allows you to do group chat, voice calls, video calls, and voice messages. You can also share your live location. To work, it needs a good data plan or else a secure Wi-Fi connection. You can also check fmwhatsapp apk download for amazing new features.

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It is another best and popular app among peoples. People use this app to get daily updates and meet up with new peoples. We can share our photos and videos and can talk to your friends and people across the world. We can also find strangers on this app but it is advised not to mess up with strangers.

The app messenger is used for messaging people on Facebook. Business can be advertised, this feature has given a new platform for businesses and a lot of new ways to connect and talk with customers and can find more dealers. It also saves our time and money. You can text anyone without a contact number. It provides a variety of features such as voice calls, video calls, voice messages, stickers and many more. You can send money securely. this made facebook one of the most popular social messaging app.


It is another best and popular app among people. It provides a variety of functions such as video calls, voice calls, voice messages, and messages. It has millions of followers all over the world which are increasing day by day. Every new day Instagram gets a new growth. Instagram makes you share a variety of photos, videos, live videos, and stories more creatively and effectively. Recent day Instagram has introduced IGTV to support long -term videos.

It also has to affect business, you can promote your brand by making a business account it also helped in communicating with the customers. On your profile, you will get like and views on your post. You can also go live to connect with your friends at that moment. You can also talk to unknown peoples.


It is another popular app among people. This app had already made a place in millions of hearts of the people. The name itself tells you that it is something different. The features of Snapchat makes it different and attractive from other social media app which also makes it unique. It allows the user to send pictures or video as a message which will disappear automatically after a few seconds or minutes.

It also provides a variety of amazing snaps on your photo. Snapchat only made stories popular which was later adopted by another social messaging app such as Instagram but Instagram has helped in the popularity of Snapchat. It also shows your contact accounts without searching. You can create and add filters, lens,3D Bitmojis to your photo. You can do live messaging and video chat with 16 friends at the same time.


It is one of the fastest and private messaging apps among people. it had more than a billion users all over the world. You can text and make high-quality video calls free of cost. It needs a good data plan or secure wifi connection to go. You can also make unlimited voice and video calls.

With the option of self- destruct you can do secret chats. It allows you to start a Viber community with unlimited people as per your wish. It also gives a feature to secure and hide your messages. This all makes Viber a unique and attractive app among people.

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