Shockwave Therapy for ED – Things You Should Know About

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual disorder of men who can’t keep their penis erect during sex. It is a prevalent disorder, and all over the world, more than 30 million men suffer from it. Even though it is quite a big problem, it is still considered taboo. 

Due to society’s view about it, men prefer not to talk about it and believe it embarrassing. But it is still a disorder and affects physical health and sexual performance; it is better to get it treated quicker and sooner. 

There are several ways through which ED is treated, including medicinal courses and shockwave therapy. A lot of men prefer shockwave therapy as it is the least time-consuming and more reliable.

Shockwave therapy for ED has shown more results in improving the response than oral treatments via medicines. The problem is often due to blood flow in the penis; that is why shock wave therapy gives a spontaneous surge of blood flow. The increase in blood flow often results in immediate erection as well. 

Shockwave Therapy for ED Things You Should Know About

Still, you might wonder if you want to experience a shock on such a sensitive body part; that is why in this article, we will tell you things you should know about Shockwave Therapy for ED:

Types of Waves Used:

Often people misunderstand the word shockwave and think shockwaves therapists use electric currents to induce blood flow. But in Shockwave therapy for ED or any other shockwave therapy, the waves used are Sound waves.

These are high-frequency sound waves that travel to induce blood flow. The mechanism is different from manual surgery, and it’s much safe in case of any treatment, i.e., Injury, accidents, and ED.

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How does it work for ED?

In the case of ED, the shockwaves pass through the penis, and it might sound dangerous. So, we will explain what happens when doctors use shockwave therapy for ED. The soundwaves used have a high frequency and travel through the penis.

These waves stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis and might also open the blocked ones. Due to the formation of new blood vessels, the blood flow increase. This surplus blood flow causes an erection once you complete your therapy.

Why shockwave therapy?

If you suffer from something like ED, your sexual performance might lack, and you may feel embarrassed. That is why it is better to rectify the situation as soon as possible. As sexual happiness results in good physical and mental health. Some benefits of Shockwave therapy that will convince to try it are:

  • It is not time-consuming and has the most effective results as it only requires several minutes. Generally, 6 to 12 sessions of 15 to 20 minutes are needed.
  • It never causes any apparent injury as it is different from surgery, and you can go about your daily business once you have your session.
  • It is not an expensive treatment and does not sit heavy on your pocket. Many people use it for different injuries, so the prices are set according to situations and conditions.
  • On top of all is that you won’t feel any pain during shockwave therapy for ED. Some patients experience a little shock, but it is easily bearable; otherwise, it is pain-free.
  • Many men who went through Shockwave Therapy for ED report less recovery time during orgasms, leading to good performance during sex.
  • Another benefit is you can access any certified practitioner near you. You don’t need to get admitted to any hospital for this.

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Who needs Shockwave Therapy for ED?

ED is a disorder that can occur at any age or time in your life. Many men experience it when they start getting old. You may wonder if you need shockwave therapy for ED, or you can live with it. The men who need shockwave therapy for ED are:

  •     Those that want to reverse the effects of ED
  •     Men that might have tried oral treatment but need a better response
  •     Men that prefer non-invasive, non-injury inducing treatment.

It is better to talk to an experienced and qualified practitioner to understand if you need this therapy as they will understand your condition better than you.

Shockwave therapy has become the most innovative pain-free treatment for people who prefer non-invasive therapies. Surgeries leave scars, and also the patient needs time to recover. It is better to choose an option that requires the least time for recovery and results in a better response. 

Once you treat your ED, you start feeling better and more confident. It will also increase your outlook on life and make you happier. Having a good sexual life results in having good physical health.

That is why it is better to treat a disorder, which increases the mortality rate, in the least painful way possible.

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