10 powerful life lessons from ‘The magic of thinking big’

When Little People Try to Drive You Down, THINK BIG
When an Argument or Quarrel seems inevitable, THINK BIG
When you feel Defeated, THINK BIG
When Romance starts to Slip, THINK BIG 
When You Feel Your Progress on the job is Slowing Down, THINK BIG

It’s One of the favourite books of mine gifted by my father. The moment I finished reading it i thought of sharing the lessons with the ones who don’t get a chance to read a book or are planning to bring a change in life with the ‘magic of thinking’.

This all time best seller contains the secret of getting the best and most from your life. Not only this book will help you discover yourself but will also indulge you the journey of personal growth in every areas of your life. So, without wasting much time, let’s jump straight to the topic and open the channels of wisdom for everyone of you.

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Here are the lessons I learned from the book:

10. Believe You Can Succeed and You Will

  • Success means many wonderful, positive things.
    To be successful, believe that success is winning. Have the “I-am-going-to-the-top” and” how-to-it” approach.
  • Develop the power of Belief
    Think success, don’t think failure.
    Remind yourself that you are better than you think. Never sell yourself short.
    Believe Big. The size of success is directly proportional to the size of your belief. Think about big goals and achieve success.
  • Self-Development and Growth Plan
    You should always have three things in your mind:
    What to Do?
    How to Do?

9. Cure Yourself of Excusitis; the failure Disease

Excusitis is the mind-deadening disease. For  success, one should protect himself from the most common forms of Excusitis: Health, Intelligence, Age and Luck Excusitis.


  • The right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude and two arms every time.
  • Knowledge is power when used constructively. Remind yourself daily that my attitude is much more important than my intelligence.
  • Look at your present age positively and compute how much productive time is left with you.
  • Accept the law of cause and effect. Don’t count on luck for success, instead concentrate on building qualities that will make you a winner gradually. Don’t be wishful thinker. This is one of the most important trait of successful people.

8. Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

The first thing to jot down in your success rule book: Action Cures Fear

  • Use two-step procedure to cure fear and win confidence
    Isolate your fear → Take action
    Hesitation only widens & magnifies the fear. Take action promptly and be decisive.
  • Manage your memory bank to build confidence
    Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank. Don’t build mental monsters. Refuse to withdraw the unpleasant thoughts from memory bank.

motivational quotesBe a “front seater”, Make eye contact, walk 25 percent faster, Speak Up and Smile Big

7. How to Think Big and Dream Creatively

How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments. Think as big as you really feel you are! Never ever sell yourself short! and don’t attach yourself with the myths of success.

We never think in words or phrases; our thinking is pictorial.
To think big, use words and phrases which are positive and produce big positive image.

  • Concentrate on your assets and sell yourself big.
  • Use Big Thinker’s Vocabulary which includes cheerful, big, bright and positive words.
  • Stretch your vision by adding value to things, to peers around and yourself.
  • Get the big view of your job
  • Focus your attention on big objectives

motivational quotesTo dream creatively use below tools:

  • Eliminate “impossible”, “won’t work” from your thinking vocabulary.
  • Practice asking and listening, to reach on effective decisions
  • Get stimulated by associating yourself with people who can help you to think of new ideas, new ways of doing things.

6. Upgrade your Thinking and Manage your Environment

 Rule 1:  Remember your appearance “Speaks”, it “Talks”. Always be sure it says positive things about you.

Rule 2: Look important because it helps you to think important. Dress Right!

Rule 3: Think your work is important. Think – I am a first-class performer! My work is important!  This will give mental signals on how to do job better. Better job means more promotions, more money, more prestige and more happiness.

Rule 4: Give yourself PEP Talk several times daily. Build your “Sell yourself to yourself commercial”.

Rule 5: In every life’s situation ask yourself, “Is this the way an important and successful person thinks?” then obey the answer. 

You are What You Think You Are!

Don’t let negative thinkers pull you down to their level. Surround yourself with people who think progressively. Move upward with them. Do it by THINKING RIGHT!

 Make your environment positive and be successful: Go First Class

  • Be environment-conscious
  • Create the environment that works for you, not against you
  • Don’t let people with small-thinking and jealousy to hold you back
  • Throw though-poison out of your environment. Talk positive about people. Avoid gossips
  • Strive for  first class in everything you do, don’t compromise with it

5. Your attitudes: Your Allies

Give People More than they Expect to Get!

  • Grow – ‘I m always activated’ attitude
  • Grow – ‘You are important’ attitude
  • Be enthusiastic to activate others and get them to be enthusiastic: Use dig into deeper attitude
  • Grow – Service First attitude. Give people more than they expect to get

4. Think Right! Get in Gear and Go!

Thinking Right toward people removes stress and frustrations.

  • Make yourself lighter to lift. Try being the kind of person whom people like.
  • Take the initiative in building friendships.
  • Tune in Channel P, The positive thoughts Station
  • Practice Conversation Generosity. Encourage other person to talk about his views, accomplishments, his job, his family and his problems
  • Be activationist. Be a doer, not a don’t-er!
  • Act to cure fear and gain confidence.
  • Be a volunteer. Initiate, have the ability to do and win for success

3. Turn Defeat into Victory

  • Analyze your setbacks and learn from them
  • Be critical to yourself and always ready to correct your faults
  • See good side in every situation and whip discouragement
  • Experiment for new approaches to achieve your goals

2. Goals: Help you GROW

A goal is objective and purpose. Get clear picture of where you want to go. Visualize your future in terms of three departments: Work, Home and Social Associations.

motivational quotesMake a 10-year planning guide  by setting S.M.A.R.T goals and make an image of yourself which should grow in you within ten years from now. Build 30 days goal. Day by day efforts pay off. Invest in yourself and build mental power and your efficiency to do best.

1. Think Like a LEADER!

The leadership rules one should follow to be a leader:

  • Think: What is the best way to handle the situation?
  • Think progress, believe in progress, push yourself towards progress
  • Develop power to trade minds with people you want to influence
  • Take time to confer yourself and release your creative power of thinking


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