How to Decorate with Multifunctional Furniture and Decor?

When space is limited, you may need to get creative with your choice of furniture. Many people find themselves working on their kitchen table or sleeping on their couch.

Furniture can serve more than one purpose when the need arises, but better yet is finding furniture that was designed to fill more than one purpose.

These multifunctional pieces are becoming more popular as the demand for them increases but how do you decorate with these? 

You can’t take away their purpose but you can make them more stylish to live with.

How to Decorate with Multifunctional Furniture and Decor

Follow these tips below:

1. Turn a Chair Into a Library

One popular multifunctional piece is a chair with built-in bookshelves. If you invested in one of these, why not take the concept one step further.

Place the chair near a window or in a well-lit place and add whimsical artwork on the walls. Add more bookshelves near the chair and you’ve got a mini library in your own home.

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2. The Modern Sofa Bed

Couches have always been the backup bed for visiting family, sick kids, or just those too tired to walk to the bedroom. Then came the introduction of sleeper sofas.

These transforming couches had an entire mattress folded under the cushions.

However, these mattresses were thin, hard, and lumpy and leave you waking with many aches. Instead of simply dealing with the old couch sleeping crick in the neck, furniture designers have created a new version.

These modular sofas can be pulled apart, folded, and even flipped into a variety of shapes and uses. Some can turn into tables, desks, and of course, beds. 

These are easy to decorate. Simply add a few soft throw pillows and a cozy blanket so that your sleeper sofa has all the fixings of a real bed.

Check out some of the top modular sofas here

3. The Table Frame

You may only live in an apartment by yourself or with your significant other. This doesn’t require the purchase of a large table if a table is needed at all. It may be that you eat at the counter or in your living room. 

But when you have visitors, this might not be suitable. That’s where a folding table comes in handy. Traditional folding tables need to be stored in a closet or under a bed and they aren’t very pretty to look at. 

Designers have come up with a product that can serve as a folding table but doesn’t need any storage space. In fact, it hangs on your wall and you don’t even know that it’s there.

You can build a collapsible table behind your favorite large piece of artwork and pull it down when needed. 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have the right position of the artwork for the table to be perpendicular to the floor when folded down. 

You may even want to place a stylish rug, like one from Lawrence of LaBrea under the frame for a cozy makeshift dining room. Keep folding chairs nearby and you’re all set. 

4. The Storage Ottoman

Ottomans have transformed from tiny footrests to large plush pieces that can be used for much more than just propping up your feet.

These have been seen to serve as a dual purpose of both coffee tables and footrests. Nowadays they are used for even more.

Why has such a bulky piece of furniture taken up space in your living room without making it as useful as possible? With this question in mind, designers have made storage ottomans the norm.

If you have an ottoman in your home, chances are the top or side opens up to reveal secret storage space.

What is best to be stored here? Considering that these items won’t be within easy access most of the time, you will want to store things that you would rather keep out of sight or that won’t be needed on a regular basis.

You may want to keep extra blankets for cold nights or old magazines that you already read. 

You may even have an ottoman that comes already filled with additional seating or it is expandable into a larger table. Whatever the case, make sure you place this ottoman where it will be most useful.

5. Room Dividers

If you live in a studio apartment, you might want to divide the space into makeshift rooms for privacy or for function. 

Instead of hanging curtains or buying a privacy screen, you can use storage room dividers to use this space more wisely.

Placing two or three tall bookshelves as a room divider works really well. You can use those with a solid back for more privacy or open bookshelves to create separate spaces with a more open concept. 

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Space is a luxury but the function is a necessity. 

Find the multifunctional furniture that meets your needs and then use these decorating tips to make them not just functional but also luxurious. 

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