2022 Sliding Patio Door Cost in Canada: Installing or Replacement

Thousands of homeowners choose patio doors in Canada, and they are easy to understand: such constructions harmoniously settle in the interior of the house, visually enlarge the room, are energy-efficient, and are easy to use.

The most important question to solve is to install new doors of this type instead of the old ones or to execute sliding patio door replacement.

2022 Sliding Patio Door Cost in Canada Installing or Replacement

Read in our article about prices and advantages of both types of jobs, as well as where to buy quality products for your dwelling.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sliding Patio Door in Canada?

To understand how much it will cost to install new patio doors in Canada, let us see what services are included in the list of such works.

TOP 5 key factors:

  1. The old door dismantling. 

If you don’t have to dismantle anything, the cost will be a little lower.

  1. Measuring your doorway and further preparation.

These include:

  • First, it is necessary to check that the sides are plumb and the windowsill is even.
  • Then proceed to the sealing of the opening: it should be taped with foil tape, followed by the installation of the windowsill.
  • At the lower end of the doorsill, a silicone seal should be placed.

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  1. Tailor-made patio doors that fit your measurements

The cost of a door depends on:

  • Size: single and double sliding structures.
  • Fittings: locks, handles, additional frames and flaps, and mini-blinds.
  • Glass: you can choose ordinary or tinted.
  • Colors: standard variants are white and black, but clients can choose any other color solution.
  1. Installation of the new door with exterior trim (this includes sealing).

The installation process is as follows:

  • First, the worker inserts the lower part of the door.
  • Then carefully tilt this structure to avoid damaging the previously applied sealant.
  • To lighten the weight, remove the sliding panel and then slowly place the door in its place.
  • Several nails are temporarily inserted into the door ribs to keep them in place.
  • Then the worker checks the doorsill and the door jambs using a level.
  • Once all the errors have been corrected, press down the door and fix it in its place.
  • In the end, the worker adds another layer of foil tape, installs the casing and insulation. Last of all fittings are installed: mini-blinds handles etc.
  1. Old door disposal.

It is dismantled and sent to liquidation.

Vinyl Light Windows & Doors is a popular brand offering installation services of patio doors in Canada. They are ready to calculate the cost of such works taking into account all the features of your project.

The Vinyl Light team has been working in this field for over 14 years and has received many positive reviews from Canadians, making their homes warmer, more beautiful, and more comfortable. You can entrust them with all the work of your home arrangement!

Sliding Patio Door Replacement Cost in 2022

The replacement of the old door is an excellent solution that will allow you to modernize your house, making it even more beautiful and comfortable to live in.

The cost of replacing patio doors in Canada does not normally include the cost of materials.

These include the following:

  • Old door dismantling;
  • New door delivery;
  • If necessary, additional works on the door opening;
  • Patio doors installation;
  • Old door disposal.

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Vinyl Light offers an average cost of 1,199 dollars. Contact the representatives of this company and they will provide you with the cost of your project free of charge.

Also, the company specialists will advise you before buying suitable products according to your wishes and budget.

We are sure you’ll be pleased with the result!

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