Turning Your New Home Into The Paradise You Want: 10 Home Décor Ideas

“It is too expensive; I can’t afford it; I can use the money for something else.” We are quick to quantify the cost of everything, but overlook the comfort, pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction they bring. This is what mostly happens when it comes to home improvement or maintenance projects. We get so scared about the expenditure that we end up giving up on the project. 

Do away with this mentality as you plan to transform your new home into a paradise. To live in comfort, and have great satisfaction at home, you need to spend a little more. Even if you choose DIY projects, you would still need to spend on the materials.  

Since making your home cozy, comfortable, and welcoming is non-negotiable, let’s look at how to turn your home into a paradise with the little you have.

Home Into a Paradise

Get the basics right

To achieve a paradisic home atmosphere, you need to get some basics right. The home should be free of parasites, plumbing works, and the sewage system should be intact, and most importantly your roof shouldn’t be leaking whenever it rains. 

Roof leaks are one of the most challenging things to deal with, especially when the roofing system is old. Its results can also be devastating including destroying your ceilings, causing molds, and weakening the building. The best solution is to contact a reputable roof company for your new roof installation

After sorting out your roof leaks, call in a professional to repair all plumbing and sewage leaks, desilt clogged gutters, and disinfect your home.


The need for cleanliness cannot be overemphasized as you strive a attain a paradisic home experience. Get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs, etc. blocking fresh air in your home. It should be across the board, i.e., in all rooms and spaces in your home.

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Declutter your space 

To really enjoy your home, you should do away with anything making your space congested. Because returning from a busy work day to a messy home will increase your stress and affect your rest. Therefore, it is important to declutter the space. Decluttering your home should be more of a culture than an event. The process should also be done in stages (room by room) for effective results. 

You can start from your bedrooms and end in the living room during which you get rid of all extra or unused items taking up space. While decluttering you should also stay organized. Get storage containers for anything you wish to store. You can also install overhead racks for all empty or unused suitcases, bags, and other belongings.

Create a garden or introduce plants

Have you ever heard of the garden of Eden? I bet you’ve been imagining how serene, peaceful, and tranquil the place was. Aside from providing an aesthetic view, plants improve the quality of air in your home. You can have a similar home atmosphere/experience in a big or small way by introducing plants. Your options include creating a garden of different plants and flower species if you have enough land in front of your home, planting in containers, or buying artificial plants. When planting, get different plant varieties for diversity.

Repaint your house

After cleaning and decluttering your home, repainting the entire house or parts of it breathe new life into it. Always choose a color that matches your personality or you can go in for a blend of colors. Your painter can advise you on that. That aside, you can also choose colorful bold peel and stick wallpapers for your living room and wherever applicable. 

Let there be light

Proper lighting makes even the dullest environment lively. Thankfully, there are lots of beautiful lights/bulbs including smart ones on the market. Smart bulbs make your home interesting, as you can regulate light intensity, color, etc. on a remote or an app on your phone. From your living area to the bathrooms, light there be light to enjoy a brighter paradise.

Decorate your living room

Your living room is the first place of call for all visitors and serves as the common space for the family. With this, it should always look stunning and conducive. Add some wall paints for attraction, a chandelier for beautification, and organize your furniture in a way it wouldn’t make the room chocked. Your floor should also be pampered with a beautiful pattern carpet, with all these accessories matching the paint color of the room.

Introduce entertainment area

The best way to enjoy your home during off-work days is to have an entertainment area. With a mini movie projector and sound system, you can create a cinematic home experience you enjoy with your family. You don’t necessarily need a special room for this as your living room can serve that purpose. 

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The bottom line

Turning your new home into a paradise is relative depending on who is involved. You don’t need to break the bank or go to the extreme to achieve this. That notwithstanding, you need to get the basics including planning, consistency, and capital right. You are free to do some of the things yourself, but don’t hesitate to employ a professional when needed.

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