Is Surrogacy Covered by Insurance or Not?

Each person at a particular stage of life begins to think about the family. Life is such that, for various reasons, people are deprived of the opportunity to have children. This problem can be easily solved with the help of companies engaged in helping with the birth of children.

Surrogacy is a great way out for LGBT people.  They cannot have children, but surrogate motherhood gives such couples hope to have a child.

One such center in Ukraine is the World Center of Baby. Today the questions of surrogacy Ukraine cost and whether insurance can cover all surrogacy costs will be discussed.

Also, we will talk about the fertilization process. Surrogacy is an opportunity to plunge into family life and have a child.

Is Surrogacy Covered by Insurance or Not

In the text, you could find the answer to the questions concerning surrogacy Ukraine cost and whether surrogacy is covered by insurance.

How Is The Surrogacy Process Going?

Speaking about surrogacy Ukraine cost, you need to consider all aspects through which the future family goes. The World Center of Baby will guide you through all stages of motherhood. In addition, the most popular method of gestational surrogacy will be discussed today.

The Cost Of Surrogacy in Ukraine

It is not difficult to divide the motherhood process into several key steps:

  • Inspection. At this step, the World Center of Baby specialists examine the case of parents-to-be and start the medical part of the program and papers preparation. 
  • Choosing a mother for a child. At this stage, it is important to confirm the candidacy of the surrogate and conclude an agreement with her after she is medically and psychologically examined.
  • Embryo transfer. The transfer of the embryo is undoubtedly important because, without this step, there will be no pregnancy itself. 
  • Confirmation. Two weeks after fertilization, a pregnancy test must be done to confirm the presence of a fetus in the abdomen. When the hormone is sufficient, which confirms pregnancy, two weeks should pass before the mother is sent for an ultrasound scan. 
  • Childbirth. Childbirth is an important and certainly the main part. This is a complex process that requires constant support, literally 24/7. For this, there are specially trained people who will advise a pregnant woman on any issues. All these steps are included in the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine.

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Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Only a careful assessment of the surrogate mother’s insurance coverage by a qualified insurance professional with knowledge of the fertility industry can determine whether particular insurance is suitable to fully or partially cover the cost of surrogacy.

However, there are situations in which the insurance covers 100% surrogacy:

  • Complications with health during pregnancy or childbirth
  • Death of a surrogate mother within 30 days after childbirth or during pregnancy, the birth of a still fetus, or miscarriage in the late and early stages.
  • Cases that are not related to childbirth and pregnancy

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Final Word 

The surrogacy Ukraine cost starts at $ 40,000,  the biggest part of that sum is for a surrogate.

Of course, not all families can cope with this financially now, but it may become a natural medical service in the future.  There is nothing wrong with the fact that a woman cannot give birth – this is a kind of the norm for a social life.  Surrogacy is a great chance to experience happiness and have a child, even if the couple is infertile. 

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