Self Care, Health, and Skincare Tips

Taking care of oneself is important. Be it the diet we have, the water we drink, the place we live and even the people we interact with on a daily basis, every single thing affects us and interacts with our physical and mental system in some form or the other. 

Many times, our intake also affects our outer appearance and skin. Our skin is the outermost covering of the body that protects us from the dangers of the environment. Taking care of the skin is absolutely essential. 

Some ingredients found in everyone’s kitchen can be very helpful for the skin. Honey and yogurt are some of them. Another magical ingredient to use on the skin for various benefits is turmeric.

Self Care Health and Skincare Tips

Turmeric powder price in the market is very affordable and anyway, Indian cooking demands its use in the various dishes we prepare. 


Self-care has always been an important part of our lives and recently, the world has become very goal-oriented and focussed on achieving goals. This leaves little time for us to do the things we like and to spend time with our loved ones. This is also one of the main causes of stress and anxiety among people. 

Self-care starts with eating the right food. Everyone’s body reacts in different ways to various external agents including some types of foods. Apart from food, one must also make sure to drink enough water at the right times.

Another way to care for yourself is to pamper your skin. Our skin is always exposed to harsh environmental conditions and it loses its shine and elasticity with time. Caring for the skin and massaging it every day not only benefits its appearance but also helps in relieving stress. 

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Regardless of your age and gender, skincare is an essential part of life that should not be skipped. Here are some tips to get brighter, healthier, and younger-looking nourished skin, that is not just healthy but will also steal many eyes.


Every person is born different and so are our bodies. Our skin, hair, and everything about us is never the same as another person. Knowing your type of skin is the first step to caring for it in the right manner. 

People are born with dry, oily, or combination skin. Apart from that, some people may also have sensitive skin that reacts to every external thing very quickly. Read some articles, watch some videos, or consult with a dermatologist to first understand your skin type. 


Regardless of your skin type, washing your face twice a day should be followed like a ritual. Especially before sleeping, one must not skip washing their face with their choice of cleanser and warm water. Sleeping in dirty skin is one of the worst things to do to your skin. 

Depending upon your skin type, you can choose from a variety of cleansers available in the market. But choosing one that is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and free of chemicals is always a plus. 

Exfoliation is another step that should be taken very seriously. One must use a gentle scrub or exfoliant that suits their skin type and exfoliate their skin twice a week. This will get rid of the dead skin cells and deeply clean the pores. 


Just like our body, our skin needs nourishment and attention. Moisturizing after cleansing the face is another important step towards skincare that should not be missed. 

Our skin loses a lot of moisture and natural oils every day as it is always exposed to the sun or the pollutants in the environment. Moisturizing generously and depending upon the skin type and weather conditions will ensure that the skin is never dry and always hydrated. 

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Some home remedies are also used by various people for giving their skin some extra nourishment. You can choose to make a variety of face masks or homemade cleansers or exfoliators to save money as well as give your skin the care it needs without any harmful chemicals or preservatives. 

Some magic ingredients to work with are honey, yogurt, oatmeal, turmeric, milk, lemon, and potato. Turmeric powder price is not more than a few rupees and milk, potato, yogurt, and honey are also very easily available in the Indian markets. 

If you wish to buy natural products then many brands also sell chemical-free products on their online platforms. 

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