Caring For Cannabis Seedling Stage

Growing cannabis is a fun process. However, being an exciting process in itself, it’s not a piece of cake to grow it all meet up to your expectations. You need to put in the resources and all your concentration to ensure that the plant grows out to be exactly like what you wanted.

The growth process is full of twists and turns, so make sure you have all the information that you need to grow a healthy plant. Not having adequate knowledge about the different stages of its growth will eventually result in reduced yields.

The seedling stage of this plant is critical. You need to take great care of it and provide it with all the resources that it needs. A solid understanding of every aspect of the seedling stage can result in a healthier plant.

You can control the size of the seedlings and provide them with all the nutrients they require to boost the growth, thus ensuring better yields. This stage is the most vulnerable one, so it requires special care.

Caring For Cannabis Seedling Stage

The following are some ways that you can consider when caring for the seedlings to make sure you don’t face any unexpected disappointment later.

Spot Nutrient Deficiencies

A nutrient deficiency can pose a severe threat to the growth of your plant. You have to make sure that you are proving all the nutrients to it in controlled amounts. Marijuana seedlings that are deficient in the essential nutrients always show signs.

All you have to do is to keep an eye on the seedling and spot any abnormality immediately. Seedlings that don’t have enough nutrients might show curling of the tips of their leaves. The leaves may start appearing yellowish. You have to spot the changes timely and provide it with the essential nutrients; otherwise, your seedling might die.

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Choose the Right Amount of Light

Growing your seedlings outdoors can be a daunting process. You need to expose them to the right amount of light. When growing outdoors, you cannot control the amount of light on them. Overexposure to the sun might cause your plant to wilt because of a greater transpiration rate.

Growing the plant indoors is a comparatively easy process. You can control the amount of light on your growing plant through artificial light inside. It gives you better control over your growing seedling, thus making it possible to get the best yields.

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Choose the Right Space

It is essential to provide your growing plant with the correct space that it is expected to require. Providing too little space will not allow your plant to expand properly and will result in the wrapping of the plant while with too much unnecessary space, your growing plant does not absorb all the water.

You need to select a pot that has adequate space for the growing plant to expand. The container should have holes so that any excess water drains out in case you over water the plant.

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