When to Order Dog Supplies?

Before you go to pick up your future four-legged family member, prepare in advance and buy everything you need. Write everything down in a notebook and make a harmonious list not to buy up the entire store in dog supplies.

Puppies do not require many positions, but it is absolutely impossible to leave them without dog supplies. And in order to make it easier for you to choose the necessary things, we have compiled a list of what you need to buy for a puppy, so to speak, a “starter pack”.

In addition to bowls, food, and shampoo, you need to go to the website and buy accessories for dogs online. In the age of technology, you should not waste time on constant trips to the store for any little thing. For example, Waudog.com has everything you need for your pet:

  • collars;
  • harnesses;
  • leashes;
  • clothes;
  • smart ID tags;
  • customized positions and much more.

A collar, harness, and leash for a puppy are necessary things, even if you will not go out with your pet from the first days.

It is better to accustom your pet to gear immediately when it appears in your house. A collar for a puppy and the rest is not worth buying for growth – everything should be in time for the animal right now.

Depending on the breed of the dog, there are different recommendations for choosing gear, so it is better to consult the breeder or another specialist in this field, such as a dog handler, in this matter.

On Waudog.com, you can customize any position by adding the animal’s name, the contact information of the owners, and the address of residence. This will help avoid accidents if the dog gets lost. Decide on your favorite color and make your gear personalized.

When to Order Dog Supplies

Buy dog supplies online and save time

The harness is gaining popularity all over the world every year.  If you don’t know, this is a strap system attached to the dog’s sternum and abdomen. Unlike a collar, it more evenly distributes the load on the shoulders, chest and prevents squeezing of the throat. An item such as a harness should be chosen for dogs of medium, small and miniature breeds, as well as puppies. Harnesses are also suitable for large pets.

Walking harnesses are necessary for puppies or dogs of miniature breeds because they have a weak trachea. Experts recommend starting to wear a harness no earlier than 6-10 months not to harm the health of the musculoskeletal system.

Please pick up the gear for your little pet by its breed and complexion. The ideal harness for a puppy is an elastic, lightweight model without rough seams or complex elements. Look for options covered with soft materials inside, with well-finished joints and details. A soft leather or nylon harness is a good solution for babies. The equipment should be lightweight but strong enough to support sudden movements.

For pugs of many other breeds, harnesses are the preferred solution, as collars are contraindicated for them due to the body and head structure. The accessory is also recommended for active and mobile animals that try to get off the leash while walking. Other miniature dogs will be more comfortable walking down the street wearing a harness than a collar.

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To buy dog harnesses online, you need to know the best store where all the necessary information is described, there are reliable reviews and real photos of the product on the animal.

We can safely recommend Waudog.com, where there are positions for every taste: leather collars that will serve you for many years, warm jackets for lousy weather, and leashes for safe walking. There you can buy dog collars online at the best price in the country.

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