The Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Pooches are great human companions. They ensure that they do their utmost best to please their parents. However, there are a few dogs that do well with kids. These dogs provide unconditional love to children. Not only that, they teach little children about responsibility and cooperation.

This piece is on the topic of the best pups for children. It will teach you about the breeds that are best suited for a home with lots of children. So, let’s get right into it.

When choosing a dog for a home, you have to put a lot into consideration. You have to assess your home. You have to put your lifestyle into consideration. You have to put the age of your little ones into consideration as well. 

The Best Dog Breeds for Kids

All this will allow you to find a dog that best suits your home. There are more tips at holistapet canines for how to make the house ready to receive a pet. So, what are the dog breeds suited for little children?


Poodles are quite a remarkable dog breed. They have a distinct look that differentiates them from other dogs. This breed is renowned for being highly intelligent and gentle. 

It would take the most annoying character to get this pup annoyed. It is mostly happy, caring, loyal, and fun.

Although the poodle is proud and elegant, it still knows how to apply itself in a home best. It is adventurous, playful, and enjoys time with little kids.

This pup can be purchased in both the standard size and the miniature size. This implies that you can get the specific poodle size that best suits your home.

Another great thing about the poodle is that they shed very little. This makes them an excellent choice for children with allergies.

Be sure to reserve a grooming time for this particular breed. As they are proud and elegant, they would need regular grooming to keep them looking so.

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Golden Retriever

Goldens are intelligent, confident, caring, and loyal dogs. A golden retriever is not aggressive at all. They are also extremely patient. This makes them a perfect match for little children.

As their name implies, they enjoy retrieving items. It means that they would enjoy playing with freebies. They do not require lots of exercises but will cherish these moments.

Kids fall easily in love with golden retrievers. This is because they are compassionate, obedient, and fun to be around.

They have a golden coat that would need regular grooming. I strongly suggest you brush their coats twice every week.

Labrador Retriever

Yes, you thought it is fitting. Labradors should make this list. Labradors are the most popular dog breeds known to man. This is for a good reason.

Labs are playful, intelligent, loving, protective, and dependable. The characteristics they possess are pretty remarkable. Labs can be trained easily as they take well to it. This is Why they are perfect for children. They do require regular exercise and would enjoy swimming.

For this reason, you have to be an active family to purchase this breed. They love spending quality time with kids. They love homes with large spaces. This is to enable them to run around and have as much fun as they can.

They are tolerant of other animals. They get along with new faces as well. Labs are known to shed quite often. This means that regular grooming is required for this breed. This link has more on Labradors. 


This pooch breed is nicknamed “nature’s babysitter.” This breed is one of the world’s most intelligent dog breeds. This pup is known to love and protect kids. They are known to be very affectionate and can do anything for their parents. 

They can do well in a home with young and older adults as well. This is because they are so compassionate. This means that anyone who gets to know them will fall in love with them.

Newfoundland is a large dog breed. They are best suited in a home with large spaces. This is to allow for playing and exercising. They are great swimmers and are known to rescue individuals during emergencies. This breed is highly coated. This means they require regular grooming and upkeep.


Pugs are great companions to little kids. They remain happy and chill most of the time. The qualities they possess make them suitable for a home with little kids. This breed was initially meant to keep the Chinese emperor company. They will serve as jesters and were made royal lapdogs.

Pugs are very possessive. This means that they tend to get jealous if a new pet is introduced into the home. Still, this doesn’t mean it will snap. It rather sulks until the feeling wears off. Pugs are excellent dogs for little children. They are playful, loyal, and obedient.


The Beagle is quite a popular pet amongst American families. Their cute and loving nature makes them perfect for toddlers. They are hard to resist, with their adorable floppy ears and solemn eyes.

Regardless of its size, the Beagle is sturdy, energetic, and spunky. They make an excellent playmate for children, this breed is bred to hunt in packs. 

So, they best suit a home ready to take their pets on adventures. This breed might react to ear pulls and tail tugs. So, it is best to be gentle during playtime. Want to learn more about the Beagle? You can check this website for more valuable details. 

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Take Away

Dogs are great companions to humans. Still, we have to find the breed that best suits our needs. If you have little kids and are wondering the best dog breeds for kids, the above-listed dogs are perfect dogs for children.

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