Top 10 Student Cities According To Students in 2020

The following cities made it to the list as a result of students’ general opinion. We have considered what they enjoy best; arts, culture, affordability, nightlife, diversity, inclusion, and a host of other factors.

Let’s take a look at the list, crafted by writers.

Top 10 Student Cities According Students in 2020

1. Munich

Munich sits on the very top on this list. Students boast of extraordinary events, safe environment, cleanliness as well as limitless opportunities.

They also name it a “lively city” to study while attracting millions of visitors every year. The city sits at a top spot all over the World, and students just love it.

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2. Montréal

Welcome to Canada! This city enjoys desirability from a lot of students because they prefer to stay back after graduation. Also, navigating the city is quite easy, and the environment is warm and open to everyone.

3. Melbourne

Australia’s number one delight and cultural capital. Melbourne helps students balance their education with exploration. It houses cultural diversity and offers great suburbs.

4. Berlin

Berlin holds a great place in the hearts of many students due to the language, culture, and history it has. The capital of Germany attracts students to stay after their education because of its economy and the prospects they tend to enjoy.

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is familiar from movies. The fun here is constant because the city is flooded with a host of great places for students to visit.

It ranks 5th worldwide, and students only have great things to say about this city.

6. Brno

Also located in the Czech Republic, Brno is its second-largest city. The city has a larger ratio of students than all towns on this list.

It’s obvious then that you’re bound to make new friends while enjoying the diversity the schooling environment offers.

7. Boston

History is on the side of Boston because it has many historical buildings and is easily a place of attraction. Again, the famous Harvard and MIT are situated here, and so are skyscrapers in an extensive array.

8. Prague

The pride of the Czech Republic and a top European destination. According to tanking, Prague has one of the most affordable universities, and everything in the city is beautiful and captivating.

The study environment in 3 of its most popular varieties is reported to be serene and students-friendly in all sense of the word.

9. London

London has not only captured the hearts of students; it has the heart of explorers and travelers too. The city is home to many great World leaders, writers, and other people of repute.

Even though the cost of living here is slightly on the high level, students find it easy to cope and are very open to employment opportunities after their education.

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10. NewYork

NewYork is the center city for students all over the World. The town has a magnificent view and a host of top-rated universities.

Here you find students from all walks of life enjoying the liberty and freedom of their youth as well as the kind of Education they always wanted.

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