Easy ways to collect and preserve Parenting memories

“Why to collect memories when you are happily spending time being a Parent?”

Ask me and I will tell you that preserving memories has hidden benefits. Good memories has the power to uplift you in times of despair and sadness. Time spent in collecting memories never goes waste.

Writing memories would help us to be grateful.

There are many small happy and proud moments in Parenting that you’ll want to remember forever. Not only the first step, first smile but the small fun moments whose memories fade away with time.

These small moments may seem not-so-special to us now but gives immense happiness when read or seen back. Documenting these moments help us cherish our Kid’s presence in our lives, a little more.

Even if you have lack of Time, you can keep these memories in so many ways.

Easy and creative ways to preserve memories

Collecting memories is all about celebrating Life. Record the happy and quirky moments by keeping the photos, mementos, hand and footprints.

You can store the memories physically as well as digitally. I myself prefer Digital storage when it comes to Photos and recording daily activities. However, keeping the things physically has its own charm.

Whatever way you choose, start collecting memories for Lifetime.


Shadow box

Shadow Box : Best for preserving first-time things

First Rattle, pair of socks, first squishing toy – there are many first-time things you want to keep as a memory.

Preserve them in a shadow box by placing them in a random order and label them with memories.

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Baby book


Baby Book: Best to record the baby growth

  • I bought it the day we brought our Kiddo Home.
  • It’s a great way to record the first activities of a child.
  • It helps recording growth and achievements.
  • It comes with build in forms and other data like Family tree or first birthday.

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Baby Scrapbook

Scrapbooks : Best to preserve Family memories

  • Hand-made or Digital, these are the best ways to preserve Family memories.
  • Decorate it with small embellishments, stamps, ribbons or glitter.
  • Along with photos, write a small story behind the photo as words give a special touch to the memories.
  • Label them with Year and Month, you can’t recall these things after some time.

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Baby Scrapbook

Wall of Memories

  • Devote one wall in your home for photographs.
  • Hang them or frame them.
  • Change these photos occasionally to give it a fresh look.
  • Decorate it with twinkling lights or wall art or other embellishments.



Turn them into Keepsakes

  • Use any photo to make a Keychain. Gift them on their birthday later.
  • Get the photo printed on pillows or tiles.
  • Make Good time jar. Whenever there is a happy special moment, write it down on a slip and put those slips in a Jar. Unfolding and reading them later as a family will be fun.
  • “Fun wall quotes canvas” to display Kid’s quirky or smart sentences.

Record the usual

Each child has its own way of expressing and a unique way to display the feelings. There are many moments when they make us laugh out loud, irritate us and make us feel loved.

Record these usual things which makes them unique-
Quirky sentences
Their naughty acts
Favorites and Least-likes

Not only the Parents but even the Child feels happy to see his/her milestones as memories. As Children gets older, they may see how much her parents have valued their life and this will make them feel fulfilled and loved.

Start preserving memories for you and your Family.

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