Understand The Law of attraction in the simplest way – Part 1

If I have to talk about two most hyped things of the 21st century, iPhone definitely will be one of them and second would surely be…NAH! Not, Donald Trump, it would be “The Law of attraction” the sure-shot money-generator for all the Self-help books authors. Out of these two, my pocket can’t afford to even talk about iPhone. As I am one of the few souls left on this Earth who love their kidney more than a mere gadget. So talking about the Law of attraction sounds to be a cheap deal for me. It’s like a magic wand to everyone now. Oh!you want a Ferrari. Just go by the four so-called ‘simple’ steps:

  1. Ask.
  2. Imagine.
  3. Feel as if it’s already yours.
  4. Receive.

tan-tan-naa “Your Ferrari’s key’s Sir.”

Is it that easy? Think!


But, I have always been different, I never follow the herd and after watching “Aankho dekhi” I have stopped believing in things I don’t see. So I thought of spending a few bucks on books that talk in lengths about the same law. And still my soul wasn’t satisfied, just then I came up with an idea, why not seek answers from the source itself, why not just attract the Law of Attraction itself and have a small chit chat.


Who can explain himself better than the man himself? So, with the wish to talk to Law of Attraction, I had started thinking and desiring for Law of Attraction, imagined it like if I already had it and yes, also I showed my gratitude for it. And as the days passed, while playing the same “Attraction song” continuously in my head I came back home one day and to my utter surprise there was a gentleman lying on my couch like a king, I could easily see that sense of pride on his face and the chest pumped up with contentment.


“Peter Tum mujhe bahar dhund rhe the aur main tumhara yaha Intezaar kar rha hu” he said in total Amitabh style from DEEWAR.


(You were looking for me outside, and I am waiting for you here)


“First of all, I am not Peter and who are you, who let you come in?” I asked in astonishment.


“Oh me?! you called me, I am your current love affair, It’s me whom you desire, It’s me, you think of whole day and night” He exclaimed.


“Wait, when did that happen? Since when did I start getting attracted to the same gender? ” I started to think.


” I am “THE” Law of Attraction,” he said, introducing himself.


“Phewww” (I sighed in relief).


Finally, I was man to man with the MAN himself, who was in front of me was none other than the ‘Law of Attraction’. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; .


“See, first of all, thanks for inviting me, but I don’t have much time to spend with you as board exams are fast approaching and students need me more than you. Some of them are completely relying on me this time. I have a lot of work pressure to handle right now. So just come straight to the topic. And yes, Call me Mr Law ” he said


Me: Yes! For sure Mr Law, but I am surprised about what made you come here, I mean, there are millions of people  desiring for you, why you choose me?


Mr  Law : Well, It’s quite simple, they are the ones who are just reading about me or just listening to what some “self-help” gurus profess about me on Youtube. They are just following other’s perception about me without understanding me. Every relation demands some kind of understanding and commitment you see. (Winks)


Me: Well, do you mean I understood you?


Mr Law: Yeah, but not fully, I am limitless. But your invitation was perfect as you choose to go after the source itself. No,  can we talk about why you called me here, please?


Me: Yeah, I know your time constraints. So, why are you such a hype? Are you really just a hype or do you really exist?


Mr. Law: Solely depends on your perception. Yes, I do exist but very few understand me as they have made me such a hype. By the way, I have filled many empty pockets by letting people write and talk about me. (Winks)


Me: So, you mean you do exist, if this is so, then why is not everyone getting what they desire for? We all have desires then why don’t you make all our desires come true?


Mr  Law: Do you really want me to fulfill each and every desire? How about a terrorist desiring to destroy the whole world? Or how about, a corrupt politician who just desires to make lots of money through unfair means? Do you really want me to serve them?


Me: No! 0bviously not, that won’t do any good to this world. So, you mean you just work when desires are perfectly aligned in harmony with nature and good deeds?


Mr Law: Yes, most of the time. It’s justified too.


Me: Okay, then what about the good people who are just wishing for a  big and beautiful house or just a BMW having the top speed of 310km/h?


Mr Law: Who said I don’t fulfill them? I have made many wishes come true. But there’s a way for everything, just desiring for things is not enough.


Me: Oh! Is it? Then what else is required? Tell me.


Mr. LawCome on, you just can’t solely rely on me, I am not the only law out here in the market, even I depend on other laws for my existence, like for example: Law of action  .


Me: What’s this new law now? What is the  Law of Action and how are you dependent on it? 


Mr LawSee,  you just can’t desire a BMW and sit relaxed. Obviously, some action would be required. Success never comes so easily my boy! there is always a level of hard work put in behind it, suppose if your job requires more sale,  then just work day and night to achieve that, put in more efforts and work hard. And after that is where I come in to play.


Me:  True, that makes sense to me now.  By the way, is it that simple to get you on work as has been told by philosophers and “self-help” gurus? Like just Ask, Believe, Feel and Receive.


Mr Law: Yes, or maybe not. An intensity of desire and underlying thoughts also hold an equal importance, so is patience. It’s a step by step process. Suppose you drive an Alto and suddenly you hear about me and my power and start asking for a Maybach as soon as possible. I am not a Genie. There’s a certain way for everything.


Me: (Amazed) you mean it’s bad to dream big? Then, why have we always been taught to dream big, since childhood?


Mr Law: No, you got me wrong, what I meant is to go step by step, just go about wishing for something in a logical way, don’t try to jump straight to the top and if your desires don’t get fulfilled, you blame me for it. But, if you really want a MAYBACH, be ready to put in all the hard-work and the required dedication.


Me: You said something about “hard work” and Law of action earlier, what do they actually mean?


Mr Law: Well, that’s quite a different topic altogether, we keep that talk for some other time.

By the way, don’t you offer some tea or coffee to your guests? That’s rude. (Smiles)


Me: What?! You drink coffee?


Mr Law: So, what made you think helps me work day and night and serve so many people around me with so much energy. A little caffeine always helps. (Laughs)


Me: Sure, I have placed an order for coffee.


Mr Law: Okay, but I will have it without sugar. I don’t like sugar that much, not even sugarcoated desires.(Laughs)


Me: I know what you mean. But for now let’s come to the point. Let’s uncover all your secrets.


Mr. Law: Uncover? Oh you want to undress me?


Me: Please don’t pass that filthy look and can you please be a little serious?


Mr Law: Okay, Okay I will! LoL!


See, we don’t have much time to cover all of the principles in depth right now, but yes, let me tell you in brief.


As I told you, hard work is not a substitute for me; if you want me to work for you then you need to work for yourself first. Do all the required hard work, and then only expect good results. Positive attitude towards your goal and results always help you yield best results in the end. Never have a single doubt in your self-worth and capability, a single doubt is enough to spoil this beautiful relation you have with me. Then just feel it like you have already achieved it. Just trust. The more you will put your trust in me the more I will work hard to make your desires come true. Then only universe will make me work for you and your desires. I do just what Universe asks me to do.


Me: Huh? So easy to say all this, it’s not that easy as it sounds, doubts and fear always come in between posing as obstacles.


Mr Law: So, what? They also have a role to play. It’s totally upon you as to how you handle and overcome them.


Me: See, you again made it so sound so easy, that’s what the question is, how to stop them?


Mr Law: See as I told you, I am a busy man, time constraints you see. So, we will cover it some other time. And see your post has also got bigger now. I can surely make you attract everything, but not readers. (Laughs loudly)


Me: Very funny, so If only you promise to visit me again and complete this interview with me, then only I will let you go?


Mr Law: Yes, for sure, now you know how to invite me. So, I will surely come but yeah I will be busy in March and April, appraisal time you see!


Me: “Hahaha, you are a damn funny Mr Law of attraction I must tell you, will see you soon again”

To be continued….. 

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