A Rain Of Bliss

 “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Roger Miller

 Two things which define my perfect morning now a days :-

  1. Smile on my face.
  2. New visitors notification on my blog.

But, today I woke up with the third reason which made me  reconsider my definition of “perfect”.

“Bread-pakora’s is the only missing thing in this rainy morning.” I said to my wife, with a wicked smile.

But of course she is my wife, she could easily sense my eternal love for this rain and so as for bread-pakora’s.

“I have done the preparations, just go and get the bread from the shop” she said, dancing on the same rhythm of rain.

” Just take your umbrella” my mother said.

But as I was so lost in my euphoria, I choose my felicity over “umbrella” and left…

But I forgot it’s not me who is controlling the rain’s volume knob, suddenly it started to rain heavily.

“I am not the only one who has some mouthwatering plans for this rain” I thought, by looking at the bread and maggi packets in other hands too, waiting for the rain to slow down.

Out of few people standing there, my sight caught two of them. One busy with his phone, and another busy with complaints.

“It never rains when it’s required, how will I reach my office? This rain must have brought all the traffic at halt, our government is of no use….blah blah ” he grinned.

Ohh yes!! that guy with the phone? I don’t know, if it was his long jeans or his short waist, the more he was trying to pull it up more it was falling in love with the ground. But, yes I was wise enough to figure out that he didn’t want his Levi’s jeans to get wet. Suddenly I peeped into his phone, he was busy in updating his facebook status  “Ravi Sharma feeling wonderful and is enjoying the rain “.

As life thoughts attack me at very random moments, that was one of those moments. And I realized that if rain is affecting all of us, it’s pouring the same droplets on us, then why is it not affecting us in the same way?

How can a same thing have such contrary effect on all of us? If it was the reason of joy for me, then how can it be the reason of complaints for the others? And for that phone guy, it was the reason of his “virtual emotions”.

And I came up with a conclusion that, It’s not about rain, it’s never about life. Life showers opportunities, happiness, chances equally on us. Life is never biased. It treats us equally, irrespective of religion, age, status or gender. It’s just us who focus on complaints, miseries and sorrows when it “rains”. And few of us are too busy to even notice it and are just satisfied with the “virtual emotions” of rain, like the guy with the phone.

Who are you?

The one without the umbrella?


The one with the complaints?

Or the one who is virtually “feeling wonderful” with the phone? Think…

Oh! you asking about me? I didn’t wait for the rain to stop, or to slow down. I prefer bread-pakodas “in” the rain, not “after” the rain.  



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