Is Massage Good for Restless Leg Syndrome?

Finally! I am all set to get a good night’s sleep. But wait, I am on my bed for hours, but still, I am awake. Why?  I am struggling to adjust to the weird feeling of my leg by kicking or moving. My friend, this weird feeling is known as restless leg syndrome and I don’t like it at all. 

Is massage good for restless leg syndrome? Well, it is a better option besides medicine. People with this syndrome come with a desire to move the leg constantly to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling. this feeling gets worse from the moment you want to take a rest or sleep. For this, you always stay tired. 

Is Massage Good for Restless Leg Syndrome

So let’s talk about the massage techniques that will help your restless leg to remain relaxed and energetic.

What causes restless leg syndrome

Surprisingly, Restless legs syndrome, which is also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, has no specific causes. Researchers and doctors suspect some reasons that cause these restless symptoms in your leg. The strong causes are:

Medicine side effects

The drugs like anti-seizure, anti-nausea, and tricyclic antidepressants, cold and allergy drugs, lithium, and SSRIs(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can increase restless leg syndrome. 

Iron deficiency

When iron in the blood gets less, then muscle gets restless. It can cause the RLS.

Chronic disease

If you suffer from different chronic diseases like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, then you may suffer from RLS.

Neurologic injuries

Disease like peripheral nerve pain, spinal tumors, and spinal injury triggers restless leg syndrome.


During pregnancy, it is very common to experience restless legs. Often this problem goes away after delivery. 


This syndrome sometimes runs in the family. Before age 40, this problem starts to trouble.

Bad habit:

Severe drinking habits and smoking can cause RLS.

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Restless leg syndrome: the new cure

Though restless leg syndrome can’t be cured entirely you can take massage therapy as an instant relief for restless legs. You will find different types of massage remedy techniques that will make you relaxed from this unbearable feeling. Make sure to go to an experienced therapist to get the right therapy. Here you will get the four best massagers for restless leg syndrome:

Trigger point massage therapy:

This massage therapy works with different trigger points to release. The points may not be cited in the pain area but the therapist needs to work with the points to release the pain. This massage focuses only on some spots, not the whole body. 

Myofascial massage:

In this therapy, the therapist works with fascia tissue that stays around the muscle. Usually, this tissue is stretchy and soft. The problem starts when the tissue gets knotty and tight, you have to release this stiffness to improve your leg’s restlessness.

Sports massage

The sportsmen take this therapy before participating in any event. By taking this therapy, the performer gets energetic and any type of muscle injury gets healed. So you will get the benefits even if you are not a sportsperson. The massage focuses on the leg muscle and the muscle-tendon joint to get an instant release.

Deep tissue massage

In this therapy, you have to apply deep pressure in the muscle to break the scar tissues and adhesions. While taking this therapy, you have to adjust the pressure level according to your comfort level. For this deep massage, the restless legs syndrome gets less.

Tips for self-massage

Some may want to do the massage by themselves. While doing self-massage, you have to follow the important tips given below

Finding trigger points

Before doing self-massage, you have to find out the trigger points. Use your elbow to find the tender spot in the thigh. Remember that spot is the trigger point. When you get one, start with firm pressure and start the massage with an elbow. Massage for 30 seconds to release the pressure and repeat it until the point is fully removed.

Leg massage

When you are taking a leg massage, start from the below. At first, sit and massage calves and shins with less force. Then go to the hamstrings and quadriceps. While massaging, make sure the direction is done toward the heart to make the blood flow smoothly. 

Use a rolling ball

Do a massage from the knee to the hamstring to the bottom with the lacrosse ball. Press with deep pressure in the muscle to find the trigger point. Thus the scar tissue and adhesions will get healed, the blood circulation in the whole body will get smooth.

How to stop restless legs immediately

  • Sleeping with a restless leg gets hard day by day. You can get instant relief by following some ninja techniques given below:
  • Stop taking tea, nicotine, alcohol long before going to bed
  • Check out the prescription of your medicine and consult with your doctor
  • Workout everyday
  • Build up the habit of leg stretching every morning and night
  • Take regular leg massage therapy 
  • Take your dinner at least 4-5 hours before your bedtime
  • Maintain a regular sleep routine
  • Don’t take a nap at noontime
  • Use bed for sleep only
  • Stay relaxed while sleeping
  • Do blood test for kidney function and iron levels
  • Use warm water to soak your leg

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Is massage good for restless leg syndrome? I think you have already got your answer through this article. Spending a sleepless night is not suitable for mental and physical health. Once you start to take massage therapy, you will feel the change in your RLS. Make sure to consult with your therapist while taking massage therapy or self-massage sessions because the wrong massage will hamper your leg’s muscle or tissue.


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