Ancient Pride of India – Ayurveda

Ancient Pride of India Ayurveda

A brief introduction about Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda can be split into two meaningful words, Ayur and Veda. Ayur is derived from the primary word Ayus which means ‘life’ and the word Veda originates from the word Vid which means, ‘knowledge’. Therefore, Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. 

Ayurveda offers different types of treatments according to the problems. This includes meditation, medicines, tablets, acupuncture, changes in your diet, etc. Ayurvedic tablets can be bought online also. Ayurvedic tablets online are equally effective as the ones sold in ayurvedic stores. 

It is a holistic form of health practice that calms down our body, spirit, and mind. However, this ayurvedic effect can vary among individuals. It originated in India and the classical texts are written in an ancient language named “Sanskrit”. These guidelines have survived for more than thousands of years.

Ayurveda truly embraces the individual. It believes each person is born with his/her individual set up. It is a mixture of numerous energies and qualities. 

It helps in knowing one’s true self and aids in the process of developing your decision-making skills. It makes you feel powerful. Ayurveda addresses the root causes instead of the list of symptoms.

As it is associated with nature, the patterns are basic and easy to understand. Once you understand, the whole concept will become quite easy for you.

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Basis of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is purely based upon energies which are called Doshas. Namely, 

1) Vata

2) Pitta

3) Kapha

They can be related to the elements. Vata is made up of air and ether. Pitta is made up of fire and water. Kapha is made up of water and earth. These elements are tied to qualities. 

Your constitution is the ayurvedic type that you’re originally born with. It never changes and is very unique, like your thumbprint. Your constitution and your imbalance are the two things you need to know before getting started.

It is wholly made up of your balance of the three energies, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This is not the same for everyone and differs from one individual to another. The second equally important thing is your imbalance. 

It is how these three energies currently manifest in your body. Unlike your constitution, the imbalance will change constantly throughout your lifetime depending on the external and internal factors.

Problems Ayurvedic tablets can cure

1)When we have a sore throat, cold, or cough, we tend to look for instant relief to get over that uncomfortable feeling. An ayurvedic tablet can clear this discomfort. Just like any other allopathy medicine, this also gives quick relief to your issue. They are made from traditional herbs.

2) For an unbearable stomach ache and bloating, one can use ayurvedic tablets. It is made from purified Gandhak (i.e. sulfur with fired ginger, rock salt with lemon juice) This tablet clears the toxins present in the stomach and gives us instant relief.

3) If you suffer from diarrhea, taking ayurvedic tablets will help you feel relieved and the results are more effective when taken with buttermilk.

4) You can use ayurvedic tablets even for fever and high temperatures. These tablets are prepared using more than 50 herbs and are known to show results very quickly. It results in sweating and ultimately reduces the fever. Along with reducing the fever, the tablet also boosts immunity in your body.

5) In today’s lifestyle, headaches are very common and if you have this problem, you can take ayurvedic tablets. These tablets provide you relief from constant headaches. These tablets are a combination of over 20 herbs.

6) If you are suffering from sinus problems, you have ayurvedic tablets to aid. This is made using 17 herbs mixed in the correct proportion.

7) There are tablets available for various other problems too and that includes  

     * Acidity

     * Constipation

     * Blocked nose

     * Throat pain

     * Body pain/stiffness

Ayurvedic tablets online are potent when brought from genuine websites. 

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Uses of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is now practiced everywhere. There are various ayurvedic tablets that can be taken to help in the curing process. Ayurveda is such an effective treatment and everyone must know its efficiency. They make lives much better and help in improving the quality of life. There are multiple uses of Ayurveda 

  • Ayurveda helps in managing High cholesterol levels
  • Aids in balancing hormones
  • Gives you healthy and glowing skin
  • Removes all the bad toxins present in your body
  • Helps in reducing inflammation
  • Aids in curing insomnia
  • Reduces bloating 
  • Acts as a stress buster
  • Helps in the process of weight loss

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