Understand The Law of attraction in the simplest way – Part 2

I was on Cloud 9 after the successful interview I had with “The” Mr. Law (earlier post) and also very overwhelmed and joyous with the appreciations I was getting because of that interview. I could clearly see the positive change and the increased confidence level in me as I was blessed with the wisdom of Mr. law and his insights which let me decode and understand him better. But there was still a part of me, seeking to complete the unfinished business with Mr. Law.


“Vandey matram vande matram” , My phone rang.


“Who the hell is calling  this late” I murmured, while picking up my phone from the side table.

(Oh! that vande matram ringtone? Come on, it was republic day, I also wanted to prove my nationalism and respect to my country like all the “One-night stand revolutionaries”. Don’t tell me you didn’t. Don’t you lie. I have seen your Facebook  “Happy republic day, feeling proud” Statuses. )


But anyway, who is calling me this late?


“Hello” I said, wiping my sleepy eyes.


“Hello my decoder, how are you doing ? ” voice came from the other side.


Mr. Law? ” I asked in surprise.


“You recognized me, That’s good, usually people can’t remember me for long, they just get back to their old usual thinking very soon” He laughed.


“Come on Mr. Law, I can never forget you. This is something totally out of the blue. Is there any special reason for calling me? ” I asked curiously.


“Oh, yes, I’ve got some free time tomorrow. I would love to have you at my place. We can grab a coffee and complete what we left unfinished, or else you might also start questioning my existence  like others” He said with same wicked smile


“Oh! please, you know I won’t, but Really? ” I almost jumped out of my bed. I have never been so happy and excited.


“Yes yes, Mr. Yadav. So I will see you tomorrow. One thing I forgot to tell you, I will send one friend of mine to accompany you to my place. Be ready at sharp 8. ”


“Surely, I will “


“I don’t think I am going to sleep tonight. ” I thought in excitement.


It was one of those very rare mornings for me, as I woke up even before my alarm and started getting ready without wasting any single minute. And I was in my best suit at sharp 8.


“Wait, I’m coming” I ran towards the door as I heard the door knock.


What I saw completely left me in shock. A man wearing  beach shorts, “No shave November” beard, and an ultra loud headphone plugged into his iPod.


“Are-e-e you Mr. law’s friend?” I asked in shock, while gazing him from top to bottom.


“Yes I’m, why? ” he said.


“No I mean,..umm…” I felt short of words.


“Oh! you mean by the way I look?. I know Mr. Law looks a bit more classy and dresses more appropriately and I’m more on a casual side. It’s just that he is in more demand now so his job wants him to dress and look that way. And I am jobless most of the time. People don’t believe much in me now-a-days. So I’m spending most of my time holidaying and travelling. ” he said in joyous manner.


“Just give me five minutes. Let me get my phone and wallet, you can sit in lobby if you want” I said.


He :- “Sure, Btw do you have any work for me to do? I can help you with anything, even with your household tasks. I am jobless since a long time. Work keeps me going”


Me :-  “Why would I want you to work? You are my guest. “.

“Mr. law was right, he is bit of an oddball.” I thought.

“Let’s go, I’m ready”  I said as we moved towards the car.


He : Can you let me drive your car  ?


“Please occupy the passenger seat ” I said furiously.


As I pulled the car out of home I saw a broken down truck  occupying the whole street.


“Damn, how we will reach Mr. law’s place on time” I murmured angrily.

“And why isn’t the driver doing anything, why is he standing idle, why isn’t he asking for help? Just fretting about the situation won’t help his broken truck. ” I said.


“Oh! That’s because of those two men standing next to him “. My co passenger said.


“And how do you know it, Mr. genius ?” I said sarcastically.


“Can’t you listen to their talks? One of them is telling the driver that he can’t repair it. Second one is telling him that he can’t move it. Both are constantly de-motivating him, and driver is just listening to them and agreeing to what they are saying. That’s why he is not doing anything. ”


“Oh my genius friend, if you are so intelligent then why don’t you go help him?  It’s not as easy as it sounds” I said  by being sarcastic again.”


“okay, just wait ” and he left the car and moved towards the truck.


He approached the driver and whispered something in his ear. And that just completely left me in shock. Suddenly the driver opened the bonnet of truck and played with some wires around the engine. And Bang! Truck has started and driver drove it across the street.


Road was all clear.


I could see him coming back to the car feeling so proud as if he conquered the Mt. Everest.


 “okay! Let’s come to the point directly. How did you do it? what did you say in his ear?” I asked in amazement.


” I told you, I can do it easily. I’m a magician” he laughed.


“Could you please tell me? I don’t have any patience left” I forced again.


“Okay, did you notice that when I reached there, the two men who were de-motivating the truck driver had left the place? ” he asked.


“Oh!  I didn’t notice that, but you are so right, why’s is that?” I asked in extreme curiosity.


He :- Those were none other than “doubt” and “fear”.


Me :- Wait!, what? What did you just say?


He :- Yes, doubts and fear.


Me :- Oh-k-a-a-a-y-y-, now this is getting interesting. Okay Mr. magician, for a moment I might agree with you but I want to know what did you say in driver’s ear that made him to mend his truck.


He :- I just said “Don’t listen to these two men, they will never let you do your work, It’s your truck, you know it’s mechanics better than anyone. You drove it on every road no matter how good or bad it was. Just have faith in me and just do what I say. Open the bonnet and start figuring out the way to mend it. Trust me you can do it.” that’s it.


Me:-  Wait! Do I look stupid to you? Mr. magician, and what do you mean by “have faith in you”? Are you some kind of god or something?  hahah....


He :- Oh! me? I am  “Law of action“. .

And that was the second shock I got in recent days after “Law of attraction”. I got numb and felt short of words. I didn’t know what to say.


Me:I am so sorry, I didn’t recognize you. I was so rude to you. I don’t know what to say.


He :- “It’s okay, most of the people have never seen me in real. They’ve just heard my stories by people who’ve applied me. So, I am not offended.


Me :- Yeah, but you are dressed in such a casual way. Sorry, but you don’t look like the one of our primary Laws of life. The law of Attraction was so different. Btw, what should I call you?


He :- You can call me “Action-Jackson”. And yes I agree, it’s just that I’m free most of the time now. People have stopped relying on me in their life. Most of them are so lost in “Law of Attraction” they neglect me. Such fools they are, they don’t even understand “Even attraction requires Action” all the time.


As attraction told you, we rely on each other for our existence. But with time, law of Attraction has become a big celebrity. So until the time no-one applies me I thought to go a little casual and enjoy life.


Me :- So Mr. Action Jackson you are just as funny as Mr. law. Btw, how did you get rid of “Fear” and “Doubt” ?


A.J :- It was simple. Tell me, have you ever experienced that whenever you try to do something, your fears and doubts always come in between and try to manipulate your brain? And because of them you start doubting your capabilities and skills. They just try to dominate your brain by giving you all the possible reasons why you can’t do the things you are doing.


Me :- Yes, exactly. That’s what I am curious to know, how to get rid of them, what made them leave when you arrived there?


A.J :- When Action gets into play every doubt and fear vanish. See, fear and doubts are natural, but they also helps you to come out of your comfort zone. They test your ability and self belief and also confidence. Life wants you to stay strong against every doubt and fear. Instead of focusing on them you need to focus on positivity and self belief.


The day you will realize your worth from the creator’s eye, that day these doubts and fear will stop bothering you.


Me :- You know you have filled me with so much wisdom right now. I feel really overwhelmed. But one thing I want to know, if doubt and fear are so negative then why do they even exists?


A.J :- See, everything exists in polarity. Like south and north, good and bad, win or lose. If things  become unipolar, you would never realise the importance of these things. As Mr. Law had said ” Road to Success can never be smooth”.


Life tests you, whether you deserve to win or not. Are you capable enough to be on top or not. It tests your confidence, your devotion towards work and positivity. It does it by sending fear and doubts in your mind. If you let them overcome you, you lose the battle and if you overcome them then you defeat them.


So always have faith in your capabilities and yourself and yes, in “Action” too. Then nobody can stop you from going where you want to.


Me :- So true again. Thank you for all the knowledge you shared. One more stupid question, why do you carry this iPod with you?


A.J :- hahah, Good question. Steve jobs ( A must read :- Steve Jobs ) gave this to me as a token of love. He believed that I played a significant role in his life. And he is the one who suggested me to dress this way, as he felt people have created a very strict image of mine. They are afraid of me as they feel I am very tough to put into “action”. So he gave me this iPod and his t-shirts so people can start taking to me casually.    (winks).


Me :- Yes, after reading this I hope people will start understanding you better.


A.J :- Yes, I hope I will be employed again. Tired of sitting idle. But for now just park your car somewhere, we have arrived at destination.


Me :- Let me tell you this has been the best drive ever. With you and Mr. Law by my side I have nothing to worry now.


“Hello guys, so you have arrived. I was waiting for you. So Mr. Yadav, I hope you have all the answers to your questions now. I hope you had a great ride ” Mr. Law said, while walking towards us with his same infectious smile.


“Yes, it couldn’t have been better ” I said, with satisfaction.

The way Mr. law looked at me, I could easily sense that he knows that I have understood a big part of life now. As we went inside I saw three cups of coffee waiting for us on the table.

“Mr. Yadav, We never forget to serve coffee to our guest” Mr. law said


And whole room filled into laughter.




Wait! Were you expecting me to continue the interview with Mr. law?

I got all the answer to my questions and doubts.

Oh! you didn’t?  Go n’ invite Mr. law over a coffee someday.  🙂



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