How Long Do I Need to Stay in a Recovery Center for Addiction?

Finally, you or your loved one has decided to commit to a recovery center for addiction. That is an applaudable step and the best decision any addict can make toward bettering their future. However, seeking treatment can be intimidating, and the fear of the new environment and recovery can be scary. As a result, most people wonder how long they will stay in a recovery center. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to that question because the length of your stay depends on several factors and treatment formulas. After all, every addiction is unique.

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 However, here are some factors to consider.

1. Severity of the Addiction

Often, the length of time you stay in a recovery center will depend on your level of addiction. During the addiction phase, your body and brain wiring have changed because you have been dependent on a substance. So, the process of receiving treatment and reaching long-term sobriety may be extended depending on how addicted you are to the substance.

So, you need to enter a recovery center with realistic expectations of the treatment because the treatment cannot be rushed so that you go home soon. But, on the other hand, if your addiction is severe, you must stay longer because the professionals need to give your body ample time to recover from withdrawal which may take even months. It helps to be patient and accept the treatment process for it to work effectively.

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2. Program Length

Most recovery centers have basic treatment programs with different lengths based on the goal of each program. For instance, some have 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs, while others have extended programs like halfway houses. So, when choosing a program, it can be easy to choose the shortest one because you feel you need to leave the recovery center as soon as possible. 

However, that is not the best selection criteria. Instead, choose the program that provides the highest chance of long-term success. For instance, you can choose a 3-month program to get sober and create a plan for continued recovery. This is because research shows that longer programs have better outcomes.

A lengthier program can seem intimidating when beginning, but it will eventually bring you the best results. So, in this case, the answer to how long you stay in a recovery center lies in your hands. However, your counselor will guide you adequately so that you make the best choice.

3. Cost

Sometimes, you may need intense care for your recovery, but the costs may not allow it. Costs and insurance coverage affect your length of stay in a recovery center. Depending on the amount available, you can agree to get safe detoxification in the center and then get the necessary care inpatient or outpatient. Depending on the amount your insurance can cover, your stay in the center may be limited if the amount is not enough to afford treatment.

4. Care Level

The level of care you need will also affect your length of stay in a recovery center. You could need a detox, a part-time outpatient, or a residential inpatient program. Each option requires a different level of care, and the one you choose will depend on your specific needs.

5. Your Schedule

You may opt for a short-term stay in a recovery center if you have a busy schedule. Short-term programs are a great opportunity to take a step back and evaluate your life. In addition, these stays prepare you to commit to recovery. So, if you are only available for a few weeks, take advantage of the short-term programs.

6. Rate of Progress

In a recovery center, medical professionals monitor your progress every day. As a result, your length of stay can be uncertain, especially if your progress is slow. The progress may be slow for people being treated for substance use disorders. For instance, if your addiction co-occurs with mental illness, your stay will be extended as both issues need to be dealt with separately and your progress monitored.

7. Treatment Formula

Each addiction requires a different treatment formula. For instance, alcohol addiction cannot be treated like heroin addiction. So depending on the substance you have been abusing, your length of stay in a recovery center will vary. For instance, the detoxification of alcohol can take from three to 14 days, while methadone can take up to 20 days. Ideally, certain drug addictions require longer stays.

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Once you commit to a recovery center, it is important to know that your recovery will differ from another person’s, and you will receive tailored treatment to suit your needs. Taking one day at a time is advisable if you want to succeed and achieve lifelong sobriety. However, the uncertainty of how long you will stay in a recovery center should not prevent you from focusing on your recovery and finding the support you need.

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