5 Great Qualities To Look For In Kid’s Deodorant

Deodorant is something that we all need to avoid smells from perspiration. However, a kid’s deodorant needs to have specific qualities so that it’s not harmful to their skin. For instance, the cheaper deodorants you get in the supermarket are made with chemicals, parabens, and other ingredients that can dry or irritate your child’s skin. 

Thankfully, however, there are better options that you can take. Click here to discover the best choice for your child.

KIds Deodorant

1. Aluminum Free Options

Aluminum is something that doesn’t need to be in your family’s deodorant. Aluminum irritates the skin and causes redness and, in some cases, rashes depending on the person’s tolerance to metals. Aluminum has been known to cause cancer, and because it can act as a poison on the skin, if it is absorbed, you can find that you have issues with your kidneys and thyroid. However, you’ll find that aluminum has also been linked with the following.

  • Breast cancer

  • Bone disorders

  • Brain disorders

All of these could begin in your early years, so avoiding aluminum in your child’s deodorant is vital.

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2. Deodorant That Doesn’t Contain Parabens

The concern regarding parabens is that they can disrupt the hormones in the body and harm your reproductive organs. That is because they can mimic estrogen. That can damage the hormones of a female or male while they’re experiencing puberty. The result of absorbing parabens is that it will interrupt the hormonal cycles that you need to develop correctly during this formative stage of growth. Studies have also shown that it is possible for parabens can cause cancer or significantly increase your risk for it.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that research has shown that parabens can be absorbed through the skin. This is why cancer is a more substantial possibility than people realize. If you have a sensitivity to parabens or are allergic to them, you can find that you suffer from these consequences.

  • redness

  • flaking

  • hives

  • itching

  • irritation

For those with severe allergies, you can find that you experience anaphylaxis and other issues. That’s why the safest thing to do is to avoid them entirely.

3. All Day Protection Is A Must

Teens and younger children need a formula that can work twenty-four-hour protection. They don’t need to worry about going to physical education and then to class feeling as if they’ve got smells and stains where they shouldn’t. Let them experience the confidence of knowing they are fully protected and can run and play freely.

4. Dermatologist-Recommended Deodorant For Kids

Dermatologists recommend deodorant for kids is what you need to look for when you want to keep them safe. A product that a dermatologist hasn’t recommended can be of inferior quality and cause damage to your child’s skin. However, by trusting the intelligence of the officials, you have a safe product for your kid to use. When a dermatologist recommends something, they have been proven effective and are non-irritating for almost every skin type. This is the best option for protecting your family.

However, one misconception you should be aware of is that being dermatologist tested doesn’t mean that it’s cruelty-free. What it means is that a doctor specializing in skin health has personally signed off on the fact that it is safe. They will run several different tests, and once they’re completed, the product will be signed off and released to the public.

5. Fragrance-Free Options Won’t Cause Rashes

Having a fragrance-free option when it comes to deodorant for kids is vital. Fragrance can cause irritation, rashes, or in severe cases, bleeding. The scent can also be something you’re allergic to without knowing it. If this is the case, it can cause anaphylaxis. Choosing an option with no artificial scent is much safer when selecting items for your children.

Other issues with fragrances are that many of them can be synthetic. Natural deodorants will adopt the use of essential oils, but if you have problems with any scent, you should avoid them altogether to be on the safe side. Like synthetic scents, you’ll find that too much scent with essential oils can also damage your skin and leave permanent marks.

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Choosing The Best For Your Children

When you want to find a deodorant for kids that is better for them, you should keep this list in mind. Choosing options that are more natural and don’t contain things like gluten or parabens means your child has something that won’t harm them in the long run. Additionally, if you choose cruelty-free options, you know that the products also didn’t harm animals in any way. Choosing the best for your children doesn’t have to be difficult, and now it’s easier than ever. Give them exactly what they need and improve their skin as a result.

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