Differences Between Drug Dependency And Drug Addiction

People use the terms drug dependency and addiction interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. There is a fine line between both terms describing specific substance abuse-related conditions. Understanding the difference ensures one gets the right treatment for their condition. Addiction treatment centers offering Christian-based rehab programs improve recovery chances for patients.

Drug rehab centers use dependency and addiction to point out varying patient conditions. The lack of consistently assigning a name to problems sometimes creates confusion. It is important to understand the difference to ease the path to recovery.

Differences Between Drug Dependency And Drug Addiction

Differences Between Drug Dependency and Drug Addiction

How does one differentiate the two cases? The key is to first define each term at length. One should also look at factors determining whether they have dependency or addiction.

What Is Drug Dependence?

Dependence is the term used for patients whose bodies and brains are physically dependent on a drug. The condition occurs due to exposure to the drug for extended periods.

The drug’s components force the body to adapt to its normal functions. Patients cannot naturally build a tolerance to the drug effects. Once the drug is no longer present, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms, similar to addiction patients.

Drug dependence is common for patients under medication. The drug’s impact on the central nervous system and brain ensures it only functions well when the drug is present. Continued use of some medicines causes an imbalance in the brain’s chemical composition.

If not treated early, drug dependence might result in addiction. A substance abuse treatment program offers the right intervention to help the patient build tolerance. As a result, they can break the drug dependency cycle.

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What Is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is the more serious condition of the two. The term characterizes an addict’s inability to stop drug use. Drug addiction mostly relates to substance abuse, which can have some serious consequences. Citing the drug’s influence over bodily processes, it becomes difficult for the patients to feel normal without the drug.

If the victim catches the problem early, they can easily stop using the drug and move on. Recovery gets harder with continued use since people trying to stop may relapse. Eventually, such patients lose the will to try quitting, opting to deal with the consequences of addiction.

The best way to break the cycle of relapsing is to seek professional intervention. Rehab programs help with drug addiction problems and offer the patients a better purpose for their life.

Factors Determining If a Person Has Dependency or Addiction

Drug dependency can cause addiction, but not all cases progress to this stage. A common thing is that stopping drug use will most often result in withdrawal symptoms for patients of both conditions.

Here are some factors that differentiate dependency and addiction in patients:

Causes of Addiction

Experts will refer to how the problem started to determine if it is dependency or addiction. Addiction is mostly related to patients whose condition is linked with substance abuse. Victims whose problems stem from medication often deal with dependency.

Drug Type

Hard drugs will, in most cases, result in drug addiction; so do medication with high potency levels. Dependency is common in more mild substances used for a long time.

Method and Length of Use

Some drug-use techniques directly link to a user’s bloodstream. It is possible to tell whether a patient is an addict or dependent based on how they use their drugs and for how long.

For example, hard drugs injected into the bloodstream can often cause addiction. Patients who ingest slightly mild drugs often become dependent.

Rehabilitation History

If a patient has tried stopping but has failed, chances are they are addicts. At this point, they will need advanced measures to counter their problem.

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Start the Recovery Journey With Christian Based Rehab Programs

Correctly differentiating between drug dependency and addiction helps one get the right treatment for their condition. Christian-based rehab programs are committed to helping patients recover. They aim at actively seeking healing for persons struggling with addiction. Contact one today to get the help you need.

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