6 Cleanup Strategies That Make Everyday Life Easier

Do you feel that mess in your home prevents you from breathing and living the way you want to? Do you feel like things are in the way of what you really want to spend your time on? Do you spend time looking for things and feel like you are cleaning all the time? If so, you can benefit from these 6 cleaning strategies that make everyday life easier. 

The secret is simply that you have to create good cleaning habits in everyday life. Cleaning habits that become a positive part of your everyday life and cleaning habits that are smart so that you experience that the strategies give results.

6 Cleanup Strategies That Make Everyday Life Easier

Let us have a look at these strategies, and then you are welcome to go back to your NBA parlay picks or the TV show you were watching. 

1.  Start with small steps and practice the right things.

When you are learning new and good cleaning habits, it is important not to gape over too many things at once. If you want to run a marathon, you have to practice steadily and you have to practice the right things.

Quick boosts of motivation and large cleaning projects in a short time can wear you out and you can get bored.

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2. Clean focused for 15 minutes

Clean a small area for 15 minutes, and then you are done. You have cleaned up instead of just thinking about it. Can you feel how amazing it feels? If you want, you can clean for another 15 minutes.

Decide on a place to clean, set the countdown timer to 15 minutes and clear while you are focused. This also goes for personal hygiene.  

3. Think about what you are buying

Are you one of those people who always find something nice when you are shopping? Are you often tempted by good deals in an ad, although you are well aware you do not need them? You should try to unfollow/unsubscribe newsletters that often come with “great deals”.

If you did not intend to buy it in the first place, then it is not a good deal and it is not needed. The more things you take into your home that you do not need, the more clutter and longer the time of cleaning you will have to spend.

4. Try 5 minutes of “clean-up”

Set aside 5 minutes each day to clean up things that have become cluttered during the day. It can be folding a blanket, fluffing the pillows, picking up things from the floor, taking the trash out, or doing the laundry. This will for sure give you a cleaner and better everyday life.

5.  Make it affordable – small steps

Do you have an “all or nothing” attitude when you are cleaning? In that case, this method is not for you. A great method is to divide the cleaning over a longer period of time. Spread the tasks, divide them by room or my items, and clean a little every day.

Make a list and a plan, then stick to it going forward. Clean the kitchen every Tuesday and the kids’ room every Wednesday. This is a great strategy if you feel a bit overwhelmed with your job, kids, hobbies, social life, and everything else that life has to offer. Clean up one step at a time.

6.  Do not start with sentimental things.

It can often be tempting to start the cleaning process by getting rid of things that have been stored over time. Maybe something you have a special relationship with but which lies in boxes and takes up space. However, it is not wise to start by cleaning up things that set thoughts and memories in motion. This can cause you to lose focus and never really get started.

Instead, start with things you have nothing special to do with, such as old detergents, advertisements, empty shampoo bottles, etc. Once you have the experience of getting rid of such things, you are ready for things of emotional value.

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7. Find a permanent place for everything you need to take care of

When you clean, it is smart to think that the things you keep should have their permanent place. It makes it much easier to keep it tidy. When every piece and every garment has its own place, the cleaning process will be much quicker, and it will be easier for you to keep it tidy.

If you are going to buy a new thing or a new garment, it is wise to think about where it should be stored before you buy it. If you are, for example, going to buy a new flower vase for the living room, then it is wise to think about where it will fit and whether there is room for it.

Possibly what to do with what is already there. Think about whether it will give you joy or just create more mess and dust.

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