7 Yoga Poses for Building Muscle

Yoga makes for a great body stimulating exercise that people tend to throw in the same basket as meditation. Despite this,  a few people are aware that yoga is a great way of building a solid muscle foundation and that its routines have serious effects on health and muscle mass. While many people wonder what to eat to gain muscle, exercise plays a big part in building muscles as well.  Yoga teaches people to hold different positions for a certain amount of time which can improve stability and strength.  These poses vary and focus on different groups of muscles.  Let’s take a look at what is power yoga and how to build muscle with it.

Muscle from Yoga

Tree Position

If gaining muscle is what you seek, you should start with the first basic yoga position, the tree. If you are willing to perform this one, you should start by standing straight and having your feet apart. It is optimal to breathe during this process, so keep inhaling deeply through your nostrils and exhaling using your mouth.

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You can prevent your shoulders from going up as if you were actually using new slots machines, while, in a slow, but firm motion, you lift your foot and place it over your thigh. Now, transfer all your weight in the right leg, but be careful not to force your left knee.

After this, you have to put palm with palm and raise them as high as you can above your head. Stay like this for one minute, keeping in mind to breathe at all times. Once the time is up, you can switch legs and repeat the same process.

Bear Pose

The Bear pose is also an excellent option for gaining muscles. To reach this pose, you need to place your feet at the ends of your yoga mat and have your legs bent and your thighs aligned with each other.

Now lift your arms and keep them parallel with the ground. Try to keep the opening not wider than your shoulder width. While keeping the pose, don’t forget to inhale and exhale deeply. For a full effect, hold the Bear pose for one minute and then give yourself a rest. If people ask “Why do yoga”, we just give them a peek at this position.

Warrior’s Pose

Without any doubt, this is one of the best yoga poses. What you have to do in the first place is to put your preferred leg in front, while the other one is behind. Face your left foot outward at about 45 degrees and keep your toes pointing in the same direction.

Put your hands straight above your head and take a deep breath in. After exhaling, quickly lift your body and flex the muscles from your abdominal area.

Keep that position for one minute or longer, but only if you feel capable. After a moment of relaxing, proceed to repeat the position by exchanging feet.

Table Pose

This posture is part of the yoga series known as “sun salutation.” It is one of the most complete positions because it works much of the muscle groups of the body. Even many of its variants are practiced within regular exercise routines. In order to do it, you must first lie on your stomach on the floor and then subsequently, lift the body by stretching the arms, so that you are resting on the toes. The rest of the body should be straight. By adopting this posture, contract the abdomen and buttocks for 15 seconds. This is also a great position if you do not know how to stop muscle spasms.

Triangle Pose

This is one of the yoga poses posture that helps develop the muscles of the legs and feet. Separate the feet to just over 1 m (between 3.5 and 4 feet) with the left foot pointing forward and the right knee and foot pointing outward. While you inhale, raise your arms to shoulder height. Then, exhale while leaning to the right, extend the torso over the right leg as much as possible. Directs the left hand towards the ceiling and the right hand towards the floor. This is one of the most important poses if you want to know how to do yoga so make sure you are doing it correctly.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

This one is another great yoga pose if you are looking for gaining muscles. The name of it is Cobra Pose, but it’s referred also at Bhujangasanainyoga meaning. What you have to do is to lie on your stomach and keep your feet separated but not longer than your hips’ width. Slowly put your hands down your torso and elevate your body until facing upward.

While you raise your body, you must keep your hips on the ground. This pose’s goal is aiming your arms fully. If you want to receive effects from this pose, hold your body there for one minute.

The Arch

This is an ideal position if you are willing to gain core muscles and have stability. First, lay down and put your hands forward while arching your lower back. To increase its potential, we can balance back and forth while maintaining the firm posture and thus allowing a complete and active massage of the digestive system. It also results in a complete stretching of the body as a whole. This is a great pose for those who want to develop back strength and increase their muscle size in the lumbar area.

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In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you to better understand what is yoga and how powerful it can be when doing certain exercises. Keep in mind that results may vary according to your body and that having a perfect form while performing these exercises is a must if you do not want to risk injuries or potential accidents.

Author’s Bio: I(Rachel Hudson) have been into fitness and yoga for over a decade now and I can swear on its benefits.  Yoga changed my life and helped me manage my anger, anxiety, and fears into a powerful weapon. Aiming to build strength and a solid foundation, I share my secrets such as gear expert reviews with the world.

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