7 Types of People to Ask Advice on the Best Business Lodging

For the business traveler, obtaining the best lodging is paramount. The amount of time you spend there varies. It doubles as a home away from home, especially for traveling salespeople and other business road warriors.

Ideally, your hotel is safe, clean, and offers several amenities for the corporate traveler. It’s a place where you can obtain a good night’s sleep and get some work done.

Before arriving at your destination, it’s worth checking in with a few people and requesting accommodations advice. 

7 Types of People to Ask Advice on the Best Business Lodging

We offer seven types of people to ask for advice on the best business lodging. 

1. Veteran Co-Workers

The best place to start is with your veteran co-workers. They have several trips under their belts. Therefore, they have stayed at several accommodations. 

Most veteran co-workers like consistency. They have traveled enough to develop a routine for each trip. If they have loyalty member accounts, they stay at the same hotels. 

Colleagues who travel frequently for the company tend to avoid surprises. The higher up the corporate ladder they stand, the more amenities they expect. Thus, they become a great resource. 

If you can’t speak with the executives, speak with their assistants. They’re probably the ones that make all the travel plans anyway.

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2. Company Travel Planner

Some companies dedicate a staff member or more to planning all corporate travel. Therefore, the company travel planner becomes a great resource.

If they do not travel for the company, the planner doesn’t provide first-hand experience. Instead, they offer input from the members who do travel. The travel planner must stay on top of the best accommodations for the company. Plus, they also keep an eye on the rates.

Based on the data they gather, the company travel planner can offer a wealth of advice on the best business accommodations.

Services also exist that cater to company travel planners. Hotel Engine provides industry insights. They also decipher industry terms for corporate travelers and planners. 

3. Industry Colleagues

Company representatives travel for several reasons. The top five are:

  • Meetings with clients
  • Training and development
  • Conferences
  • Meetings with colleagues from other office locations
  • Trade shows

When you travel to meet with colleagues from other office locations, it’s a good time to ask them about local accommodations. The same goes for industry colleagues. 

As a corporate professional, you should network with others in your industry. Among the helpful tidbits, you’ll gain is hotel recommendations. 

4. Concierge

In the hospitality industry, the concierge is the person who has the most knowledge and connections. They make recommendations to guests and others who ask them.

Several hospitality industry companies employ concierges. Others operate independent shops. The goal is to make a connection with a concierge. This gives you access to their network. If you need a recommendation for your next destination, check in with a concierge at your current business accommodations. 

5. Travel Agents

It’s 2022 and most people book their travel online. However, travel agents still exist. Travel agents have a wealth of industry knowledge. If you book your travel through them, they will have access to accommodation information for your destination.

Travel agents continue making adjustments to the new travel booking landscape. Moreover, some people still want a human touch. This makes the travel agent a relevant player in the field. So, if you require hotel recommendations, they will have them.

6. Travel Influencers

Some travel influencers are more accessible than others. Thus, if you can get in touch with one, it’s worth asking them about the top hotel recommendations. 

Otherwise, take a look at their social media. Several of their posts do have sponsorship behind them. Nonetheless, they tend to take on high-end clients that cater to corporate professionals. 

7. Customer Service Representatives 

Customer service representatives in the hospitality field remain a tight-knit group. The hotels, airlines, and restaurants make recommendations for each other. It helps their revenue stream stay stable. 

When you have the opportunity to speak with customer service representatives from the hospitality industry, ask them for their best business accommodations recommendations. In many cases, they can recommend a place local to them.

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When trying to find the best business accommodations, you have several resources at your disposal. You’ll find some of them in your office. Others you can ask at conferences, trade shows, and industry events. Once you gain this important knowledge, remember to pass it on.

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