Essential Tips to Help You Maintain Your Coffee Table Tops

Coffee tables help one achieve an elegant look in their home. You might have classy and quality coffee tables, but failing to maintain them properly could result in their destruction. While you might not always have enough time to undertake an entire room cleaning, being informed on how to clean your coffee table tops keeps your living space clean and welcoming.

Maintain Your Coffee Table Tops

You can check out vidaXL for quality and affordable products if you need furniture for your living room. These will include vidaXL coffee tables. Check below to acquire tips on how to clean different coffee tables.

Glass Coffee Tables

While glass coffee tables can be challenging to clean, you can utilize a lint-free microfiber fabric to help clean the table faster and more efficiently. Nevertheless, you can also use newspapers, but you should be keen to avoid transferring ink to the tabletop. To be on the safer side, you can wear cleaning gloves.

Also, not all soaps are ideal for cleaning solutions, as some can leave stains behind, making the glass look dirty. Choosing soft soaps is best while keeping their amounts minimal. When using cleaners such as vinegar, ensure you use undiluted water to avoid leaving streaks on the glass.

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Leather Coffee Tables

Previously, leather tabletops used to give a luxurious feature on high-end tables only. However, this has changed with time, allowing almost any table type to incorporate a leather top. Since coffee table tops are prone to numerous abuse, leather tabletops are treated with stain and water-resistant finishes.

Therefore, inappropriate cleaning products and techniques will ruin the finish making the leather vulnerable to wear, stains, and water spot damage. Some of the cleaning procedures that will ensure you maintain leather coffee tables include:

Wiping the coffee table top with a soft cloth to eliminate debris and dust

Using a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe stains such as oils. This should be done quickly and in a circular motion to reduce the time the materials come into contact with water.

Regularly applying a leather conditioner coat to repair any lost leather finish during the cleaning process.

Wood Coffee Tables

If given proper care, wooden furniture can last ages. Wooden coffee tables are a convenient choice for your home furniture as they are easy to update, allowing you to keep up with the current trends. The updates can include changing out the hardware, repainting, and swapping up the legs.

Since purchasing wooden coffee tables is a significant investment, you need to know how to maintain them to get your money’s worth. Ensure you use coasters beneath coffee cups or drinking glasses to avoid creating water rings.

Also, avoid using rough or sharp objects on bare wooden coffee tables to minimize the occurrence of scratches. You can Check out vidaXL for different wooden coffee table designs.

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Metal Coffee tables

Metal coffee tables provide one of the most explicit materials to clean. However, they are prone to rust, especially if exposed to moisture. Therefore, ensure you dry the coffee table after using a wet cloth. Nevertheless, you can acquire stainless steel coffee tables as they do not rust.

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