Top Tips for Preparing Your Child to Return to School

While kids everywhere might be feeling sad that their summer break is coming to an end, there are benefits to going back to school. There’s more structure to their day, they get to see their friends every day, and it’s another year that they get to learn more about the world and themselves. Although some children might be looking forward to returning to education this September, others might be feeling more overwhelmed at the idea. It is important to make sure your kids are prepared for starting the new academic year so that they can get the most out of their learning experience, and here are a few tips that you might find helpful to get them ready for it.

Tips for Preparing Your Child to Back to School

  • Back-to-School Shopping

It’s not uncommon for kids to want to return to school with something new as a way to reinvent themselves slightly. Things that they may have experienced during the summer break or new trends can often drive this need for change, and it might help them feel more comfortable fitting in with their peers. This is why taking your kid along with you to the back-to-school shop can be beneficial; it allows them to choose clothes, accessories, stationery, etc., that they feel expresses their style for the new year. 

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  • Start Adjusting Their Routine

Over the summer your kids have had the freedom to take a break from their usual routine, and this could mean going to bed later, sleeping in, or simply eating meals at slightly different times. While taking a breather from the structure of an average school day can be beneficial, it is important to help them to readjust to this before their first day back. This can help them to ease into the new academic year easier, and hopefully, result in them being able to focus more on their studies. Try to introduce more structure and routine into their days during the last week or two of the holidays so that they are better prepared when they do go back.

  • Speak to Them About Any Anxieties They Might Have

If you can see that your child is nervous about returning to school, take the time to sit down with them and find out what it is that is bothering them. They might not be forthcoming with this information at first, but they must know they can speak to you when they are ready. It could be that they are struggling in school or perhaps have fallen out with friends or have a bully that they are dreading seeing again. Whatever it is, show them your support and perhaps think about speaking to their teachers discreetly when the new year starts to let them know about these issues. They might be able to offer further guidance and assistance in the classroom.

  • Ask Them What They Are Looking Forward to

Another way you might be able to ease some anxieties or help your child focus is to discuss with them what they are looking forward to about school. This might be a certain subject that they are excited to learn about, getting involved in a school play, or other extra-curricular activities that they’re interested in. There might be a school trip planned for later in the year, or even just getting together with their friends. Shifting the focus to the positive aspects of school can help them feel more prepared to return and positive about what the year might bring.

  • Consider Whether or Not They Need a Tutor

If your child has been struggling in a particular subject, it might be worth thinking about tutoring options for them for this next year. This will help them to catch up and feel more confident in class, and even one or two sessions with a tutor a week can make a big difference. You might want to discuss this with their teachers, but they will likely agree that this could be beneficial. It’s a good idea to start contacting potential tutors sooner rather than later, as they will start to get booked up again quickly once the school year begins.

  • Getting a Gift for the Teacher

Your kid’s teachers must be shown some gratitude and appreciation, so when you are shopping for your child’s back-to-school supplies, think about getting a gift for their teacher too. Here are some awesome thank you gift ideas for teachers that might inspire you, this is a great way to build a relationship with your child’s educators and let them know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • Get Them to Prepare Some Things Themselves

You might be responsible for preparing a lot of the back-to-school preparation as a parent, but your kids should also take on some of these duties themselves. Not only will it help them to get into the right frame of mind for school, but it’ll teach them something about responsibility, too. Simple things like making sure their stationery is packed, all the necessary books for their first week are prepared, cleaning out their school bag, etc., they can tackle themselves. 

  • Meal Preparation in Advance

This might not be suitable for everyone, but it is worth doing if you can find the time. Preparing lunches in advance can help make your morning/evening routines in the week easier, and you don’t need to panic if you run out of bread or something else without realizing it. This can also be a money-saving benefit rather than giving your kids lunch money during the week, and you can have peace of mind that they are eating nutritious food during the day.

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  • Do Let Them Enjoy the Last of the Summer

It is smart to get your kids back into some kind of routine and start thinking about school again, but it’s also important to make sure that they still enjoy the remaining days of the summer break. This last-minute boost can help them to feel more positive, so think about planning a fun day out with them or allowing them to have their friends over for a last hurrah of the summer.

If you want to help your kids feel more prepared for their return to school this September, use the tips above to achieve this and get them excited about the coming year.

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