How to Make Your Kitchen More Retro?

Retro style is coming back fast, with the 1920s and 1970s sitting as the lead inspirations for fashion and home design.  This inspiration shows in sleek and minimal designs and approaches with color that makes bold statements.

If you want to make this fashion work for you but aren’t sure about how that will look- here are the top ways to integrate retro looks into the essential part of your home: your kitchen.

How to Make Your Kitchen More Retro

The Silhouette

Look at the shape of your counters, your windows, and your appliances.  Every era has a specific silhouette that stands out as its own.  In the 1920s, kitchens were sleek with lots of wood and sinks that continued down over the cabinet ahead of them.

If you’re unsure about this look, tons of duplicate sinks and cabinets aim to replicate the aesthetic in a modern way.  In the 1970s kitchens, the silhouettes were more playful.  Rounded countertop corners, sharp angles on cabinets, and cabinetry seemed to hide the appliances like ovens and fridges.

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Color Use

The bold color was a massive player in kitchens for both the 1970s and 1920s!  In the 1920s, the color scheme was mostly pure white, with color used sparingly for an impact.  Yellows and greens were the most popular colors for kitchens, bright and pale, making the rooms always seem brighter.

For a 1970s look, most kitchens had a lot of wood paneling and orange and green hues.  If you don’t want to precisely follow this look, you can take inspiration from it with muted green walls, detailed tile, and light wood cabinets.


Your appliances make a significant change in how your rooms look! In the 1920s, fridges weren’t as large or commonly used, and the devices besides them weren’t modern enough to create the look most people want for their homes.

You could make the feeling of the 1920s kitchen with furniture with hard lines and metal finishing.  For the 70s, on the other hand, there were modern enough appliances that you could recreate the feeling without having to lose any utility.

Art and Wall Decor

This decor is where you can make the most impact.  Instead of attempting to remodel your entire kitchen or look at other Birmingham homes for sale that matches, you can focus your attention on parts of the room that need it.

Art from specific eras, and wall clocks and window dressings can all come together to create an image you want.  Your decor can also match your interests.  If you’re drawn to the 1970s because of the music, use art from vinyl covers or band posters from back then to spark interest.

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Your Rugs and Floor

You may be tempted to focus your updating attention on something more eye-grabbing than the floor.  You should know that every good look carries from top to bottom.  For your floor itself, your options depend on your budget.

Although decorative tile is more retro and will fit the style more, you can’t overlook how impactful a sleek hardwood floor is.

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