How to Protect Yourself from Online Dating and Romance Scams in 2023?

With the existence of various online dating platforms nowadays, it is only natural that many people will be interested in putting their dating profiles on these platforms and hope that they will get the best dating partners afterward. However, online dating platforms are not without their own problems.

There are problems with fake profiles, scam artists, romance scammers, and various other potential cybercrime activities on these platforms.

You need to be aware that by using online dating platforms in 2023, you might get exposed to various romance scam artists that have been lurking on these platforms looking for any vulnerable targets. With this awareness, you will be able to practice some restraints and take some time to think before making any important decisions. You will also be able to spot the signs of fake dating profiles before you engage with them. There are scammers that feed on romantic feelings to dupe their vulnerable targets in trying to get their money, possessions, and other valuable things. Be aware of their existence and how they operate.

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Typical Modus Operandi for Romance Scam Artists You Need to Know

There are various ways romance scam artists will try to dupe their targets, but you can see the pattern right away if you take some time to observe their behaviors. Here are some typical modus operandi romance scam artists will use to trick you:

  • Trying to win your heart. The first phase for romance scam artists in duping their target is to try to win your heart. This is known as love bombing. They will act so nice and charming, making you fall in love with them, even in just a few interactions. It will then be easy for them to approach you and ask you for a date.

  • Trying to learn as much information about you as possible. Next, they will try to dig into your private information, which they need to do to get to know you better and find your secrets. This way, they can connect with you on an intimate level while turning you into their emotional hostage.

  • Finding your emotional weaknesses. The scammer will also try to find your emotional weaknesses. They will use this information to put you in a disadvantaged position later. They will need to know what triggers you and how to control you on an emotional level.

  • Pretending to have financial problems. The most common modus operandi for romance scam artists is to pretend that they have financial problems. For instance, they might pretend that their parents are going to a hospital and need some money to pay for their medical bills, or they might pretend that they have had an accident that requires them to pay for certain expenses. They will have every imaginable excuse to take money out of you from time to time.

  • Persuading you to give them valuable gifts. They might also try to persuade you to give them valuable gifts, such as during their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.

  • Threatening to leak your private information. When all else fails, these romance scam artists will try to threaten you to leak your private information if you don’t give them what they want. You need to be careful of this.

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Protecting Yourself from Romance Scam Artists

Knowing how they operate, it is important for you to protect yourself from romance scam artists, especially if you are using online dating platforms today. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • It’s important for you to find some information about the person you are going to date.

  • You should refrain from telling your private information to the person you just met on online dating platforms.

  • It’s important for you to exercise caution, especially when the person is trying to take money out of you in the first 6 months of dating them.

  • Don’t be too infatuated with the person you are dating on online dating platforms during your first few dates, as it might just be their way to lure you into their traps.

  • Report the dating profile that is trying to scam you using romance scam artist’s tricks so that they won’t scam other people later.

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Protecting yourself from online dating and romance scams in 2023 needs to be your priority, especially if you plan to use online dating platforms to find love partners you can cherish all your life. Thus, you will need to deal only with legit users of these online dating platforms and avoid dealing with any fake dating profiles or scammers you come across on these platforms.

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