How To Keep Your Teeth Looking Fantastic?

When you look at the abuse your teeth have taken over the years, it is no wonder they can start looking dull. The food and drink we consume can stain our teeth over the years and stop them from shining as brightly and becoming discolored.

You can do things to prevent this, such as being careful with what you eat and drink and avoiding smoking, which stains the teeth. However, you can also reverse the process and have them look shining white again if you want. 

How To Keep Your Teeth Looking Fantastic

Below are some of the treatments you can consider for whitening your teeth again and bringing back your fantastic smile once more.

Avoid Home Whitening Treatments

If you want to get the best results for your teeth, you will want to avoid over-the-counter treatments that promise whiter teeth. You also find that many products such as whitening toothpaste do not work, so you are better off saving your money and putting it towards professional teeth whitening treatment.

The whitening strips and home bleach treatments are also ineffective, and although they may remove some of the surface stains, they will not significantly change the color of your teeth. Instead, you will want to search for the best teeth whitening in Sydney and have a professional white your teeth.

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Laser Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular treatments for cosmetic dentistry is laser teeth whitening, which must be done by a licensed professional. The process is simple, and the first thing your dentist will do is apply a protective coating over your mouth and gums and then apply a bleaching gel to your teeth consisting of hydrogen peroxide.

They will then use a laser to activate the bleaching agent, and you sit there being as still as you can. Depending on the treatment you choose, you can have up to three 15-minute sessions to whiten your teeth, and the results may amaze you, depending on how stained your teeth were.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

You can also avoid using the laser if you wish and opt for teeth whitening by your dentist using bleach and a heat or light source, or a combination of both.

The process is like the laser whitening one, and the dentist will protect your mouth and gums from the bleaching agent that they apply to the teeth. They will then use heat or light or combine the two, which activates the bleaching agent and starts the process.

The dentist will monitor the process and reapply the bleaching agent when needed, and you may require multiple sessions to get the best results.

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Keeping Your Teeth White

Whichever treatment you choose for your teeth, you will need to be careful with what you eat and drink to keep them nice and white. There are foods and drinks which stain your teeth and can take you back to square one again if you are not careful.

You do not need to avoid the foods completely but cutting down on your consumption can make a significant difference. 

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