How To Finish Too Many Essays In The Last Minute?

It is the 11th hour, and you have too many essays to finish. We all know that it is practically impossible to complete five essays in five days, especially when your term-end exam is approaching.

Should you give your best to your stride,s and forget about the essays, or vice versa? Some of you will try to juggle both. If you are one of them, you have reached the right place.

Finish Too Many Essays In The Last Minute

In the excerpt below, we will discuss some of the logical ways to finish your essays easily.

The trick is to:

– Find the right topic, which is easy.

– Get all the distractions away.

– Know your own limit,&

– Get started!

1. Make A Plan

If you do not have a plan yet, take a deep breath and sit with a piece of paper. First, find out the exact time you have for all the work, then chalk out an intensive plan for each hour of the day.

This scheduling will help you give direction. Understanding that you have a goal and accomplishing the task wouldn’t be that difficult can reduce anxiety. One of the biggest offenders of last-minute anxiety is not knowing what to do.

Try not to go overboard with the planning, as it will only lead to rigidity. Try to add some flexibility for your own health.

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2. Pick Interesting Topics

Last-minute preps get even lengthier when you write an essay on something you either do not like or will not find much information about. Therefore, when you do not have much time, always pick the subjects you are interested in.

  • Research should be easy.
  • Writing part shouldn’t be exhausting.
  • Even if it is last minute, you should enjoy the process.

Now, you might say generic topics wouldn’t fetch you much score. However, if you can execute it well, you can create something ingenious from the subjects you have on your hand. Try not to spend too much time picking the topic.

3. Do Research Beforehand

If you are not doing your research well, you wouldn’t have much to write. Yes, it is tempting to go directly to the writing part and skim through the research part. However, good research will help you finish the article quicker.

Your research has to be streamlined. For example, start with the main subjects and then the sub-topics. Separate content for Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. In the end, you keep spaces for interesting facts.

This way, you will know what to do while writing and not switch from writing to researching too often.

4. Understand You Can’t Do It All

This is a good way to practice self-awareness. Yes, you made the mistake of not catching up with your essay long before, and now you are rushing. However, it is not possible to do it all. For example, you cannot finish a thousand-word essay in one night while preparing for an exam.

Although that doesn’t mean you should be punished with a zero for that essay. So, it is better to ask for help when needed. You can either tell a family member or call for the experts at Fresh Essays to help finish that essay while you concentrate on something else. 

5. Find A Place With No Distraction

A place with no distraction is for all those people who get a high from procrastinating at the 11th hour. You know you have a task to complete, and yet you find yourself concentrating until the last hour.

Sometimes, it is not because you do not want to. Maybe you have a shorter attention span, and the objects around you are distracting.

Try to create a safe and comfortable place where you can sit and work for hours. Clean the space from anything that would distract you. Try not to sit in the same room with the bed around, and strictly keep your phone away.

6. Get Some Caffeine If Needed

If caffeine gives you the jitters, you can switch to tea, but try to have a warm caffeinated beverage to keep yourself up. Since essay writing won’t be a very interesting subject matter, no matter the topic you have chosen, drowsiness is inevitable.

This lethargy will lead to procrastination. So, having a caffeinated beverage will keep you alert and your head right at work. If you have never had caffeinated drinks before, you can have them during rush hours. 

Ensure to not make it too strong, and do not worry it wouldn’t get you too addicted upon a one- or two-day binge. Know when to put a stop because you are tired, and maybe you need to sleep for a few hours.

7. Make An Outline First

The will help you get through the task much easier. Do not start with writing directly since, after a few words, you will have “writer’s block.” This is how you make an essay outline.

  • Start with the headings and subheadings.
  • Write down the main content for each of those headings in pointers.
  • Mark the content which is important and the kind of information that can be added later when you have to fill in the words.
  • Jot down the statistics for each piece of information.
  • Write down a draft of your conclusion.
  • If it is a digital essay, you can attach pictures to make your essay look interesting.

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You Have To Work Hard!

When you have reached this stage without getting anything done, it is needless to say that you are not going to have it easy. Even after letting professionals help you, you might still need to work hard to get all your assignments done in time.

The tasks might look intimidating now, and that could lead to all the distractions, but when you start working on them, it is less than when you started.

So, now that you have all the data and know how to begin, we would suggest you not procrastinate and work your way through the internet and start working.

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